7 Reasons Why Richard From 'Veep' Will Probably End Up In The White House

Colleen Hayes/HBO

As one of HBO's most beloved series nears its grand finale, the Veep presidential race is heating up more than ever. Selina Meyer is obviously the show's main focus, and the idea that the insufferable Jonah Ryan might end up winning has been gaining more and more traction. But there may be a third possibility that would fit right in with the ridiculousness of the entire series — I'm officially hoping that Richard will become President on Veep.

There are others who have noticed Richard's potential rise to the top — particularly after the last few episodes, Twitter has started to buzz with the possibility. Selina is being investigated for war crimes, after all. I know our current political landscape is so bananas that we'll believe anything is possible, but that kind of thing could really take her out of the race.

Could you imagine the fit Selina would throw if the goofy, lovable, unsuspecting crony who's been on the sidelines the past few seasons rose to the highest seat in office, after all she's done to get there? It would be a glorious sight to behold. Maybe she'd even end up as Richard's Vice President, ending the series as she started it: disappointed, dejected, and in a position she can't stand. It would almost be too perfect.

There are plenty of signs Richard is on his way to the top:

He's A Great Mayor

He handled the plane crash earlier this season pretty spectacularly and even saved a person from the destruction. On-the-scene experience helping everyday Americans? Check!

He's Constantly Getting Promoted

Has anyone noticed that Richard is climbing the political ladder incredibly quickly? He's leaving his mayor job to head over to a position at the state attorney general's office, and it feels like the show might be quietly planting the seeds for something bigger. If he keeps up at this pace, who knows where he'll end up?

He Knows All The Right People

Selina Meyer's circle, of which Richard is a longtime part, is full of people willing to jump at the first chance to get back on top. If Amy and Dan suspect Richard might have a fighting chance, they'll have his back, and he's also gotten facetime with plenty of Washington, D.C. staples. If he can get Selina on his side too, he might have serious street cred.

He's (Almost) A Pro At Getting Sworn In

Come on, look how earnest he is! I need to see him getting sworn in with a seething Selina by his side.

He Probably Doesn't Have Any Skeletons In His Closet

I could totally be wrong, but Richard doesn't seem like he has any secrets that could derail a political career. He doesn't have bribes and conspiracy and crime in his past, as far as we know, like Selina does. If the people who have secrets to keep can make it to the top of the government without being sabotaged and exposed, surely someone who is squeaky clean can too.

He Notices The Little Things

Richard probably wouldn't even need a Gary figure in his life. He genuinely enjoys getting to know the little details of people that he'd probably roam around parties remembering representatives' kids' names without any trouble.

He Loves His Country

I can totally see Richard gleefully roaming around the 50 states, seeing every mundane tourist sight and greeting every farmer, banker and businessman with the genuine joy Selina'd never have.

OK, OK — Richard making it to the Oval Office might be a longshot, but I stand by the fact that it's the perfect way to end the series. It feels like the show has to end with Selina imploding, and this would be a particularly insulting way of achieving that. It'd also subvert the idea that Jonah is a satire for Trump, and will inevitably be President — that's a clever idea, of course, but it might be a little too predictable.

Ultimately Richard's presidency would allow Veep to leave its viewers a shred of hope for America, while still denying its biggest antihero a win.