7 Relationship Mistakes That Are OK To Make When You First Start Dating, But Shouldn't Still Be Happening Long-Term

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

While the beginning of a relationship may be super fun and easygoing, it can also be a time that's riddled with mishaps and mistakes. When you and your partner first start dating, you don't know each other very well, and thus don't know how to argue or understand each other as much as you do down the line. And as a result, you may find yourselves making a few common early relationship mistakes.

And that's OK. "It is actually important for couples to make mistakes," relationship coach Carla Romo tells Bustle. "This is essential for learning one another's boundaries for building mutual respect. It also creates an opportunity to communicate with one another effectively."

This is how you'll figure each other out, and create relationship "rules" going forward. "Mistakes often happen when you do not know how another person will react or their boundaries," Romo says. "If you or your partner makes a mistake and genuinely wants to change that behavior in the future, then there is nothing wrong with it." It's all about the learning process.

Mistakes only become a problem when they become a habit, and leave you both feeling frustrated and misunderstood. Here are a few mistakes experts say are OK to make early on, as long as you learn from them, and make a point to change.