7 Relationship Problems Pet Owners Are More Likely To Experience, According To Experts


Choosing to get a pet with your partner can do some really great things for your relationship. For instance, a University of Buffalo study found that couples who own pets know how to manage stress better than couples who don't have any. They're also closer, interact more, and are more likely to say they have fully satisfying relationships. While there are many benefits to getting a pet with your partner, experts say it also comes with its share of challenges.

"Getting a pet represents a turning point in your relationship," Jean G. Fitzpatrick L.P., couples therapist and owner of New York Individual and Couples Therapy, tells Bustle. "By adopting a creature who needs you, you're both committing to taking care of that creature together."

Whether you're already living together or not, adding a pet to your dynamic is sure to be revealing. There are a lot of things that you can learn about your partner like their sense of responsibility and how willing they are to make sacrifices for the good of others.

Taking care of a pet together isn't always going to be busy. But according to Fitzpatrick and other relationship experts, the challenges you may face are opportunities for you to grow closer and strengthen your bond. So here are some relationship issues pet-owning couples are likely to face more often, according to experts.