The Best Position For When You're Feeling Stuck In A Rut

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If you've been dating the same person for a long time, you probably know the struggle of trying to find creative new sex positions to try out. Don't get me wrong: There's nothing wrong with having a favorite position, because that just means you know what works (or doesn't work) for you. But one of the best parts of being in a long-term relationship is having a sexual partner with whom you're super comfortable and can experiment with when you're feeling stuck in a sexual rut.

Great sex is all about communication and trust, two things that take time to build with a partner. Although it's totally possible to have good sex with a short-term partner (or even during a one-night-stand), it's not hard to understand why long-term couples might have an advantage in that department. That being said, the longer you're with someone, the more sex you'll have had — which increases the chance that you'll fall into a routine in the bedroom. But there's no reason to worry: Breaking out of a sexual rut is easy if you're both willing to try new things, like incorporating sex toys or giving some of your fantasies a shot.

If you're in a long-term relationship and looking to swap out your go-to sex moves for something fresher, here are seven sex positions to try out next time you're in the mood:


Sideways Straddle

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If you want a position that puts a spin on traditional on-top sex, the sideways straddle is for you. Here's how it works: Have your partner lie down, with their knees bent and feet flat on the floor, then straddle one of their legs (whichever you prefer!) while facing away from them. After that, just rock back and forth, rubbing against your partner's upper thigh and pubic area. The result? Amazing clitoral stimulation, and one super sexy and unique view for your partner.



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Who says both partners have to be tangled up in the sheets during sex? To pull off the butterfly position, simply lie on the edge of the bed while your partner stands in front of you, then slowly move your legs up their chest. With your ankles resting on your partner's shoulders, have them raise your pelvis off the bed to meet theirs — then just lay back and enjoy super deep penetration from a hot new angle.


Face To Face

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Having sex face to face with your partner while snuggled up is highly underrated, IMHO. That's mainly because intimacy-building eye contact can be one of the hottest parts of sex! For this lazy-person-friendly position, just lie down facing your partner, make sure your pelvis is slightly higher than theirs, then lift one leg up and over them. It'll feel like a passionate embrace, with the added bonus of slow, deep penetration.


The Bridge

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It might look like something out of a naked yoga class, but trust me when I say the bridge position is worth the effort. With your partner kneeling in between your legs, arch your back, and raise your pelvis up to meet theirs, while using your arms beneath you for support. Then your partner can grab your hips while thrusting — all while enjoying a hot view, too.



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To conquer the lotus position, have your partner sit cross-legged, then slowly climb on top and gently lower down onto them, wrapping your arms and legs around them. Then all you have to do is grind away like you would in cowgirl! This position is like a naked bear hug, but also allows for a lot of clitoral stimulation and passionate kissing.


The Crab Walk

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It may not look like the sexiest position known to man, but don't knock it until you try it. You and your partner should both get into the "crab" position (feet on the floor, legs outstretched, hands behind you), then move closer to each other until you're able to raise your hips up and guide your partner inside you. After that, all you have to do is grind on each other until the magic happens!


The Cross

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This one might take a little time to get used to, but it's not that complicated after a couple tries. Have your partner lie on their side, while you're lying perpendicular to them with your legs over their side. Inch closer to them until you're touching, then guide your partner into you and grind away.

No matter how you like to have sex, being in a long-term relationship means you have plenty of time to experiment together and try new (slightly out-of-the-ordinary) positions. There's nothing wrong with the classic sex positions, but there's also no harm in giving your sex life a little makeover, either!