7 Positions That Are Oldies But Goodies

by Laken Howard
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As down as I am to explore new things in bed, sometimes I just want to stick with the classics to get the job done. It's always exciting to try some new pretzel-like position, but in my opinion, the 'oldies but goodies' are some seriously underrated sex positions. Everything from the minutiae of our genitalia to our wildest kinks can inform what we like and dislike in bed — so it makes sense that people's favorite sex positions can vary so much.

But of course, the position (or plural) you choose isn't the end-all-be-all of good sex. Things like open communication, intimacy, and passion can make sex hot, no matter how 'boring' your position. There's no need to over-exert yourself when the tried-and-true classics will get the job done for both you and your partner (and maybe even more than once). Ultimately, having a sexual connection with a partner you trust is going to make all the difference, and together you can explore whatever fantasies you choose. And for the times when you're just too lazy to give a f*ck, there's no shame in falling back on whichever position is the old standby.

Here are seven sex positions that are simple and no-frills, but also very hot (and hopefully satisfying). Next time you're feeling frisky and a little nostalgic, bring your sex life back to basics with one of these popular old-school positions.



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I'm not afraid to admit it: I will never not like having sex in missionary. It's never let me down yet, it presents endless eye contact opportunities, and it's extremely versatile to boot. Missionary might feel like a TBT to your sex life's younger, awkward phase, but anyone can give this classic position a more adult twist.

Wrapping your legs around your partner's hips, drawing them closer, and moving with them will up the ante pretty fast. And if you're feeling really fancy, use the grip from your thighs as leverage to flip your partner around so you're on top.


Doggy Style

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Doggy style is another ol' faithful position that's quick, to the point, and packs a serious punch. Doggy is a great position for hitting the G-spot, and you know what that means — more orgasms.

Pro tip: if you need a bit more clitoral stimulation during sex, lie flat on your stomach during doggy to create more feel-good friction. Or if you're feeling slightly more adventurous, bring a couples sex toy into the mix and get your buzz on while your partner enters you from behind.



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Depending on how much control you like to take in bed, on-top may or may not be one of your go-to positions. Personally, something about being on top makes things more *ahem* difficult for me — but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it.

Dabbling in a few positions each time means more opportunities to push your buttons from all angles, so who cares which position you finish in? Whether you're into sitting up straight and bouncing up and down, or leaning close and grinding on your partner, on-top has lots of options for pleasure.



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Full disclosure: I made it several years into my sexual exploration before I actually gave 69 a shot. Something about it was intimidating, but I quickly found that this classic position is so talked-about for a reason, and it's nothing to be scared of.

Although it's oral-focused, 69 isn't just foreplay — it's as much a sex position as any other. If you're worried about the logistics of lying on top of your partner, go the simple route and try 69 on your side instead.



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For any morning sex lovers, spooning is the perfect simple position to start your day off. Who wants to actually move in the morning anyway? With you and your partner spooning side-by-side, it allows you both easy access to each other's hot spots for sensual foreplay, or you can get even closer and have your partner enter you from behind. Spooning is also a convenient way to incorporate toys — you're so close that you'll both feel the vibrations.


Mutual Masturbation

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You might not consider this a typical sex position, but mutual masturbation is extremely hot and totally deserves to be the main event from time to time. It's a super intimate act, but it's also a lot lower-pressure because you're not worried about when (or perhaps if) your partner will make you finish. In addition to being hot to watch in the moment, your observations will make sex hotter going forward, because you'll both have seen firsthand how the other person likes to be touched.


Standing Sex

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Sure, a drastic height difference can create some issues in bed, but it doesn't mean positions like this are out of reach. One of the hottest things about standing sex is that it can be done anywhere, and is perfect for when you have that slight sense of urgency about jumping your partner's bones. All you have to do is bend over and enjoy deep, G-spot-friendly penetration. And if you have to lean on some furniture to get the right angle, then so be it.

No matter your sexual style, it can be nice to have a night of slightly predictable but no-less-hot sex with your partner. Don't let anyone tell you that you have to be upside down on a washing machine to have good sex — sometimes the classics can be more than sufficient.