7 Sexy Subscription Boxes For Valentine's Day

by Emma McGowan

One of the biggest complaints I hear about Valentine’s Day is that there shouldn’t be just one day to celebrate love; that we all should be celebrating it every day. (The people who make this complaint are the often the same people who believe that Valentine’s Day is just about companies trying to sell more cards — also false.) And to those people I say: HATERS GONNA HAAAAAATE. I am an unabashed lover of the Day of Love. I think that having one day per year when you celebrate love in whatever way you want — be it cheesy, over the top, understated, commercial, or otherwise — is awesome.

Whether you’re single or partnered, Valentine’s Day is a great time to go all-out for the people you love. Write your best friend a heartfelt letter. Buy some sexy underwear to share with your partner. Cook a meal with your closest friends, Friendsgiving-style. This world is full of enough hate and turmoil right now — why not take a break to spread the love a little bit?

In fact, I love Valentine’s Day so much that I’ve come up with the perfect rebuttal for the “why do we have only one day” whiners: Sexy subscription boxes. With some of these bad boys, you can take the romantic and sexual energy of Valentine’s Day and extend it over an entire year if you want.




Unbound is number one on this list for a reason: It's the ultimate when it comes to sex toy subscription boxes. Each box is carefully curated with a combination high quality sex toys, body-friendly lubes and condoms, and/or sexy lingerie. You also pay significantly less than you would if you bought each item individually — and who doesn't like to save money?

Each box as a theme, ranging from slightly silly ones like the Harry Potter-themed Magic Wand Box to conceptual ones, like this quarter's Adentro box, which is inspired by the Surrealists. But no matter what the theme is, you're guaranteed something fun, sexy, and (too easy) outside the box.

You can sign up for one quarter for $65, two quarters for $115, or three quarters for $175. Unbound also offers individual boxes for sale and they have a whole shop where you can buy individual items, often at a steep discount.


Erika Lust Porn Subscription

Yeah, yeah, I know — porn is free everywhere on the internet. But a lot of that porn is created specifically for the male gaze and you never the circumstances under which it was created. If your partner is the type who likes their orgasms to be ethically-sourced, buy them a subscription to Erika Lust's XConfession series.

It'll set you back $34.95 for a month, $14.95 for a recurring monthly subscription, or $99.95 for a full year. Totally worth it — this stuff is hot.



If your partner is into lingerie — or you're into your partner in lingerie - check out SkivvieBox, which sends a customized box box of lingerie every month for $59. They carry high-end brands like Betsy Johnson and huit, so the value of the underwear in each box is between $100 and $150. Sounds like a good deal to me.



OK, so Pillow isn't exactly a subscription service, but it is something you can do with your partner long after February 14. Billing themselves as "Intimacy In A Box," Pillow offers five hours of 30 audio exercises that you can do over 30 days in order to build better intimacy with your partner. All of the exercises were created by therapists, coaches, and tantra teachers.

You can get all of that expert advice and a program that they say will "shake up" your relationship (in a good way!) for $49.


Sssh Subscription

Sssh is a porn site that's created specifically for women. It's been around since 1999 and includes everything from original HD movies to original erotic TV programming to written erotica to sexy images. They also offer how-to guides and video tutorials, which really makes them a great one-stop sex shop.

A subscription to costs as little as $4.95 for two days or as much as $99.95 for a full year.


The Pleasure Pantry

The Pleasure Pantry is a great option for people who want a little more control over their sex subscription box. The service starts by asking you a series of questions, stuff like your size, what you're into, and what gender you're attracted to. (I especially like that last option, a some services are pretty heteronormative.)

Monthly subscriptions cost $29 per month, a three-month trial subscription comes in at $34 per month, and the Deluxe monthly box costs $75.


The Fantasy Box

The Fantasy Box is for heterosexual couples, with the first box containing elements of four different fantasies: control, "sensual," costume, and "playful." After the initial box, the next four will go more deeply into each category with toys and props to help you explore that fantasy.

The Fantasy Box comes at three levels: Essential for $39 per month, Classic for $59 per month, and Platinum for $159 per month.

Essential Fantasy Box, $39, Fantasy Box

Take that, haters! The love day will always win, in the end.