7 Signs You Really Are Listening To Your Intuition In Your Relationship

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While intuition can come in handy in many different scenarios, we should definitely be listening to it in relationships — no matter what form your gut takes. Sometimes it's even that little voice in the back of our head letting you know that you need to get out of the situation or, at the very least, be wary of it. "Everyone has a different intuitive sense that is stronger," Vaishali Nikhade, an energy seer, intuitive reader, online spiritual educator, and creator of Uncorking Intuition School, tells Bustle. "Some people may get a gut feeling, some may hear a voice, some may see visions, etc. The more you ignore it, the harder it is for the intuition to be able to communicate with us and give us the message it is trying to give."

Although there's no denying that intuition is a real thing and it's your choice to either listen to it or ignore, when it comes to your relationship, how can you tell whether your intuition is on point — or it isn't? Well, it's all about being mindful and in tune with your thoughts. Here are seven signs your intuition is on point in your relationship, according to experts.


You Get An 'Hit' That It's Time To Talk To Your Partner About Something

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"If you're getting an intuitive hit about something," Founder of The Numinous and author of Material Girl, Mystical World, Ruby Warrington tells Bustle. "Whether it's 'true' or not, it's probably signaling that it's time to have an honest conversation with your partner."

Human beings were born with intuition for a reason — to protect us and bring to light situations that are harmful. If you're getting that "hit" of which Warrington speaks, it may not mean something bad is happening in your relationship, but it is a sign it's time to communicate and get to the bottom of things.


You Put Your Fears Over The Possible Outcome

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When your intuition starts kicking in, it can sometimes feel scary. Especially before you know why your intuition is heightened. But if your intuition is on point in your relationship, you put those fears on hold. You realize that knowing the truth is better than living in a constant "what if?" situation. It's in these moments that you need to start asking yourself some serious questions.

"There are times in a relationship when trusting one's gut can become difficult," bestselling author and relationship expert, Susan Winter, tells Bustle. "Are my fears founded? Or are my fears the romantic 'story' that I tell myself? How do we discern between a valid premonition, and a remnant wound formed from too much heartache?"


Your Gut Feelings Are Consistent

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If the intuition you're feeling is every day, day in and day out, you can't ignore it. The consistency of it is trying to tell you something and it's your job to listen and listen well.

"Fears can be fleeting, but instincts haunt us through repetition," says Winter. "We get the ongoing feeling that 'somethings wrong.' Though we may not know the reason 'why,' we have a chronic sense of feeling unsettled." 


Your Intuition Always Has A Message For You — Even When It's Not 100% Correct

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While intuition is a far cry from the obvious writing on the wall, it is telling us something. If your intuition is telling you that your partner is cheating, it might not be correct, but it still means something else is going on and it needs to be examined.

"Gut feelings always have a message for us," says Warrington. "[For example], it might not be that your partner is actually cheating, but perhaps there's something one of you isn't being 100 percent open about. One sign you're ignoring your intuition, however, is if you keep asking all your friends what they think is going on."


You Can Sense Something Is 'Off'

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When you've been with someone long enough, you know them in such a deep and intimate way, that even the slightest change can kick your intuition into gear.

"Something in our partner's manner signals a red flag," says Winter "Our mate may be keeping the same routine as every other day, but this time it feels 'wrong.'"


You Witness A Pattern Emerging

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When someone is up to no good — or maybe even good, but just keeping a secret — a pattern develops and it's a partner that can no longer be denied.

"What was only a gut feeling now becomes conclusive," says Winter. "A pattern emerges that proves our intuition was on point. We may catch our partner in an obvious lie. We may discover our partner wasn't somewhere they said they were. Numerous bits of evidence arrive from random sources that confirm our intuition was on target."


Your Intuition Influences Your Partner To Come Clean

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One sign your intuition is on point? Your partner can feel it. Not even the most stealth and sneaky people can keep secrets to themselves forever. Especially when even they realize your intuition is totally on point and there's no use in them denying it any longer.

"Through a combination of guilt and self-consciousness, our partner may choose to unburden themselves by sharing the truth," says Winter. "This confirms that our intuition was correct."

Ultimately, your intuition is your friend. It's there to guide you, give you a heads up, and, in some cases, even protect you from harm. So trust in it, have honest conversations with your partner, and let it lead you to the truth.