7 Signs You’re Not Settling With Your Relationship, You’re Being Realistic About Love

Ashley Batz/Bustle

If your relationship isn't everything you thought it would be, it can leave you with a lot of doubts. Is this really "The One" or am I just settling? According to experts, there is a fine line between settling and being realistic about love. If you know the differences, you can determine whether or not your partner is really the right one for you.

"Settling in your relationship means that you know there's someone better out there and that you deserve more," April Davis, owner and founder of LUMA (Luxury Matchmaking), tells Bustle. "Having high standards doesn't mean you're stuck up, it means you're unwilling to settle for less. This is a good thing." It doesn't necessarily mean that your partner isn't a good quality partner. You just feel like there may be something better out there for you. There's really nothing wrong with that.

More often than not, Davis says, settling can lead to resentment and then regret. "Any amount of doubt is worth questioning and looking into," she says. "Even if you love your partner, it's important to imagine far, far down the line. Is there something missing? Are you getting your intellectual, and physical needs met? If there's something lacking, there are more fish in the sea."

Sometimes, unhappiness in a relationship can be confused for settling. But it could be something else. So here are some signs you're not settling with your relationship, you're being realistic about love.