7 Times Cory And Shawn From 'Boy Meets World' Were Friendship Goals


Gossip Girl gave us Serena and Blair, Friends gave us Joey and Chandler, Grey's Anatomy gave us Meredith and Cristina, and Will and Grace gave us, well, Will and Grace. There's nothing like an iconic television friendship to make a show an instant classic. We've seen some of the most unbreakable friendships on TV, but not many TV friendships are as powerful as that of Cory and Shawn from Boy Meets World. Cory and Shawn were basically soulmates, and the definition of friendship goals if there ever was one.

Sure, Cory's relationship with Topanga was inspirational in itself, but there's no denying that Cory and Shawn were meant to be, even if they wouldn't even admit it to each other. To celebrate this iconic friendship, I give you seven times Cory and Shawn were friendship goals.

1. When Shawn Gave This Toast At Cory's Wedding

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Of course, this tear-jerking toast came right after they both fought over Cory getting married to Topanga.

2. Every Time They Greeted Each Other Like This


If you don't get this excited to see your best friend, are you really best friends?

3. When Cory Wasn't Afraid To Show Shawn He Cared

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I need a hug too, right about now.

4. When Cory Had Shawn's Back When No One Else Did

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How sweet.

5. When Shawn Wouldn't Let Anyone Come Between Cory & Topanga

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Still not over Cory and Topanga breaking up over Lauren, tbh.

6. When They Both Dressed In Women's Clothes


...and made a subtle feminist point while they were at it.

7. Even The Way They Met Was Iconic

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"Stop it, you're boys!"