7 Things You NEED To Know To Help Your Relationship Survive Mercury Retrograde

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When Mercury goes retrograde, the planet is basically speeding by the earth, so it's easy to feel like your life is spinning out of control during this time — your train comes 10 minutes late, the plant on your desk suddenly dies, and nobody tells you that you have spinach stuck in your two front teeth all day. But Mercury retrograde's effects on relationships can especially feel like the hardest test of the year. Spring's Mercury retrograde is from March 22 - April 15, 2018 and if you've felt like your romantic relationship has been more unbalanced than normal lately, you're not alone

“In astrology, Mercury is the planet that is associated with all forms of communication and movement,” Linda Furiate, a consulting Astrologer, Healthy Habits Expert, Reiki I&II, Inspirational Guide, and the founder of Of Universal Mind, tells Bustle. So when Mercury is retrograde, you can expect communication to be off when it comes to your love life.

But if you believe that we live in a perfect universe, that can only mean that Mercury retrogrades happen for a specific reason — to call attention to the incredibly fast-paced way in which we speed through life. By throwing you through a loop, Mercury retrograde is essentially forcing you to slow down and regroup, in order to put you on a more purposeful course, astrologer and life coach Joshua MacGuire tells Bustle.

I'm pretty sure I'm already feeling its effects. This weekend, I went from being paranoid about being too clingy in my relationship, to crying about Call Me By Your Name for the fourth time, in basically a heartbeat. I'm totally off-kilter and I know it! But not to worry — I keep telling myself that everything is happening for a reason. But if that's not working for you, check out some of these survival tips for astrology experts and remind yourself that it'll be over soon.


Slow Down

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Mercury retrograde's signals might seem confusing at first, but that might actually be a sign that you are rushing through your day so quickly that you are unable to interpret the world around you. "The retrograde can have fuzzy communications," Macguire says. "You can survive by slowing down."

Take a deep breath, and re-examine your partner's actions. Perhaps things aren't exactly as they appear.


Keep The Lines of Communication Open

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If slowing down and taking notice of the status of your relationship brings about negative revelations, it will be most productive to have an open and honest dialogue about these thoughts with your partner. "There could be difficult conversations that you’re going to have, and while it may be uncomfortable, remember the truth shall set you free," Jaye from tells Bustle. "If you need to initiate the conversation, take time beforehand to get introspective about how you can best communicate the changes that need to take place."


Avoid Making Big Life Decisions

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Let's be real for a second: Mercury retrograde can severely skew our judgement: we may grow paranoid, irritated, and suspicious. And there is a big difference between listening to your intuition, and making passionate decisions in the heat of the moment. "It's time to re-examine our relationships, and how we're taking responsibility for them," MacGuire says. "But don't make any momentous decisions." Wait until the Mercury retrograde passes before breaking it off, moving in together, or texting your ex.


Try Meditation

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When Mercury goes retrograde, it might lead you to question every tiny detail in your relationship, from phrases your partner says, to how long it takes them to text you back. "Your active mind could feel anxious because your natural inclination is to move forward, but these retrograde energies are designed to slow you down," Jaye says. "It will be extra important to meditate." Refocus your energy and calm your brain by practicing mindfulness.


Make Yourself Take Breaks

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If you've convinced yourself that your relationship is falling apart at the seams, then odds are you are throwing yourself into your work as a distraction. "Take breaks [and] rest and recuperate so you so don’t burn out," Jaye says. "This is the time to think about what you want to bring to the world and revisit your old plans. If limiting thoughts or beliefs come up, find the space inside of the feeling and let it help you discover a new approach to old problems." Instead of fighting against the tide, submit to the feeling of insecurity, and further reflect.


Be A Good Listener

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Take extra care to be a very good, active listener when conversing with your partner during Mercury retrograde. Make eye contact, process what they are telling you, and ask follow up questions. "If you need to initiate the conversation, take time beforehand to get introspective about how you can best communicate the changes that need to take place," Jaye says. "If someone needs to express something to you, be sure to listen and hear (two very different things) what they have to say and move forward to improve your connection."


Don't React Immediately

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When you're feeling a little on edge because Mercury retrograde, the slightest things your partner does might trigger your temper. That could be anything from a blank stare to a text message. In order to keep conflict at bay, take a deep breath before reacting. "Emails, phone calls, text messages will come in faster than usual, but they’ll be messed up with Retrograde’s energy during this time, so don’t react immediately," Jaye says. "You have to deal with passive aggressive or angry people, take time to think things through & use your natural gift of taking the greater good into account as you navigate through the tricky moments." The moment will pass, and you'll move on without butting heads.

Just because the universe is in flux, does not mean that you're relationship has to be. Try one of these survival methods to avoid start unnecessary arguments with or inquiries pertaining to your partner. Remember that your connection was established based on trust and love, and when things feel unbalanced — Mercury retrograde or not — your best bet is to take a step back, listen, and communicate.