7 Trips To Take When You're Single


There's no better way to celebrate singlehood than with a trip by yourself or with your girlfriends. It can give you the chance to let loose, learn about yourself, and maybe even meet your next significant other. Traveling as a single woman can be intimidating, but if you find your dream destination, it can be life-changing.

"I think a lot of women are afraid to travel solo because they’ve been told it’s not possible or it’s not safe," Hostelworld’s head of product and design and travel expert Breffni Horgan tells Bustle. "Don’t let that stop you. If you’ve done your research, planned wisely, and set your mind on traveling, you will succeed and it will change your life. Everyone tells you that traveling will make you more confident, that you’ll find yourself, that you’ll be creatively inspired. That’s all true, but only if you take a chance on solo travel and embrace the challenges that will inevitably pop up along the way."

You don't have to travel solo, though — you can also travel with a friend or a group of friends, and chances are, you'll be even closer after the trip. Here are some places to travel by yourself or with friends if you don't have a partner to bring along.

Ibiza, Spain
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There's no place like Ibiza to celebrate singlehood. If you're looking for a fling, there are endless options in the island's famous clubs like Amnesia and Ushuaia. And if you'd prefer to stay solo, you can explore the ocean by boat or the land by scooter. To be in the center of the action, stay in Playa d'en Bossa at an affordable hotel like Club Can Bossa a short walk from the beach.

San Francisco, California
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Taking a walk in San Francisco is an adventure in of itself. The neighborhoods are so distinct, they have not only their own cultures but also their own microclimates. Aside from enjoying the quirky architecture, you can hike through the woods at Golden Gate park, go swimming in Ocean Beach, eat tacos in the Mission, and go to poetry and book readings. And if you're a woman interested in dating men, the San Francisco Bay Area has one of the best male to female ratios in the country.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but you might find yourself wishing you could take the experience back home with you. Between its casinos and nighclubs and over-the-top hotels, Vegas is like a playground for adults. To get all these perks in one building, stay at the famous hotel/casino Caesars Palace. For the experience of a lifetime, catch Electric Daisy Carnival in the summer.

Miami, Florida
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Miami is a melting pot, from Wynwood's hipster bars to Little Havana's traditional Cuban food and cigar shops. But many singles opt to stay in South Beach, where you can spend all day lounging on the beach and dance the night away at clubs like Basement and LIV. To be close to these attractions, stay at the Gates Hotel and enjoy a Mexican meal at Agaveros Cantina, or splurge on a luxurious room at the Nobu Hotel and enjoy its famous Japanese food. At the latter, you (and a friend or two) can plan a spa day with unique treatments like a Nobu Zen or Japanese Silk massage.

Cancun, Mexico
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If you're looking to go wild and release your inhibitions, there's no place like Cancun. For a luxurious getaway, enjoy pool parties, buffets, and spa treatments at the Hard Rock Hotel. If you're feeling really adventurous, swim in the "sexy pool" and dance all night at the top-optional Temptation. But the city's not only known for its resorts. You can also venture off your resort's grounds to the underwater museum or explore Mayan ruins at the El Rey Archaeological Zone.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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Many tourists love Amsterdam for the beauty of the streets and the open-mindedness of the residents. It's easy to meet new people in the city's nightclubs and coffeeshops. Or, rent a bike or a boat and explore Amsterdam's famous streets and canals solo. No matter what your budget is, you can find the perfect room at the Lloyd Hotel, which is well-lit to accommodate solo women travelers.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Buenos Aires is known for its friendly and often flirtatious people. After feasting on a late dinner and drinking wine, people head to the clubs to dance the tango. You might even come across a tango show in the street. During the day, you can go shopping at the San Telmo Market or in Palermo Soho.

When you can spend it in places like this, the single life has never looked more appealing. Just follow these tips to stay safe and you'll have the experience of a lifetime.