7 TV Shows About Reading Every '90s Kid Will Remember

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Growing up in the '90s, there was no doubt about it: reading was... cool. I mean, who can forget those celebrity "Read" posters found in every library? Or what about all the TV shows about reading?

There's no doubt about it: TV shows in the '90s were designed to make reading as cool as possible — and clearly, it worked. I watched all these shows growing up, and now, my job is literally to write about books. How cool is that?

Some of these shows (like Reading Rainbow) have already been been revived, and others (like Sesame Street) have never left our screen. But some of these shows only '90s kids will truly remember and appreciate. (Unless, fingers crossed, some more of them get revived!)

So, hop aboard the nostalgia train! Here are seven TV shows from our childhood that turned us into readers and taught us how rad books can be.


'Reading Rainbow'

Reading books with Levar Burton was such a treat! From the moment you heard that A+ theme song ("Take a look! It's in a book!") you knew you were about to embark on an amazing, literary adventure. But of course, as Levar would say, "you don't have to take my word for it," because Reading Rainbow has now been revamped for modern generations.



"What's the story, Wishbone?" To this day, my knowledge of classic literature is centered around that clever terrier and all the adventures he would go on. Pro-tip: you can still watch most of Wishbone on Youtube.



Arthur and his gang were the coolest kids you could meet. And they loved books. (Arthur's last name was Read, remember?)



This show was off the hook. Solving mysteries with the help of a friendly ghost that only exists in letters? Um, sign me up! I spent years trying to spot Ghostwriter's familiar form in my own life.


'Between the Lions'

My sister and I were hooked on this show. We both desperately wanted to travel to that magical library. (I mean, who wouldn't?)


'Sesame Street'

This classic has won the hearts and minds of children everywhere, across generations. Not only did us teach us the ABCs, but also so many important lessons about life itself.


'Clifford, the Big Red Dog'

Getting to see this classic book come to life on the screen was awesome. I think we were all petitioning our parents to let us get a big red dog, too.