I Wore Glitter In My Natural Hair 7 Different Ways To Prove That Sparkle Is Versatile AF

Glitter and kinky-curly hair are two things that just don't seem to go hand-in-hand. A little sparkle never hurt anyone, but curly hair is already a beast to manage without having to remove hundreds of glitzy specs. Still, all of the adorable ways to wear glitter in natural hair make it hard to resist giving coils a sparkly makeover.

There's never a bad time to get creative with your 'do, so you don't have to wait for holiday or festival season to give glitter root trends and other hair sparkle a try. Although commonly spotted on unicorn and mermaid inspired locks, shimmering gels are fit for naturalistas, too. There's no denying that things will get a little messy, but beautiful, glimmering coils make up for the glitter bomb waiting to explode in your bathroom. Just be prepared to find leftover specs long after you've washed your strands— glitter is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Trying the trend with the best hair glitter is always an option, but DIYing moonshine glitter gel is a two-step, budget-friendly process. Break out your best stronghold pomade, get ahold of some chunky sparkle, and try these seven totally grown up ways to wear shimmer in natural hair.


Confetti Bun

Perhaps my favorite of all, a mega confetti bun is the perfect way to add sparkle to your fro without all of the fuss. Follow Naptural85's confetti bun tutorial and you don't even have to put glitter in your own hair to nail the look.

Simply coat loose Cuban twist hair— or any textured braiding hair of your choice— with a spray adhesive and pour confetti glitter over it. Secure the hair to a ribbon tie before attaching it to your own hair gathered into a top knot or high bun. Next, form the confetti ponytail into a bun atop your head. Finally, mist the 'do with a stronghold hairspray to ensure your confetti glitter doesn't budge all day. Voilà!


Glitter Roots

Using a concoction of stronghold gel and cosmetic glitter, apply shimmer to your roots for a festive look. Just be sure to use chunky glitter, as finely milled shimmer doesn't show up as well on the roots. To take my hair transformation to the next level, I even added a gilded butterfly crown to match my gold roots.


Sparkly Accent Braids

If you're fearful of overloading on sparkle, you can always use an accent braid or twist to subtly test the glitter waters. Simply, coat a bundle of hair in glitter pomade and form the section into a braid or twist. Try one accent or several throughout your mane for sparkly compliments to your curls.


Sparkling Crown Braid

There's just something super elegant about crown braids. Topped with glitter, they're even better! A naturalista has several options for creating one loaded with shimmer.

You can certainly use your natural tresses for the look or weave braiding hair into your crown braid for a fuller style. I took an easier route by forming Kanekalon hair into a braid prior to attaching it around my crown with bobby pins. I coated each bundle of my braid in a different glitter gel to give the look multicolored flair. The end result was glorious.


Glitter Donut Bun

Whether you use a donut, sock, or a wrap up tool, a bun accented with glitter is a very neat party 'do. After creating your bun, rub glitter gel around the center to create a glazed donut effect. There's no shame in covering the entire bun in glitter, either, if all-over shimmer suits your fancy.


Glitter Tips

Okay, things can and WILL get messy with glitter tips. The style may be mesmerizing as it glimmers in sunlight, but prepare to get glitter on your face and neck before the pomade dries down completely. The final result makes up for the messy hands and countertops involved in creating this look, though.


Sparkling Braided Ponytail

Whether you opt for a single ponytail, double french braids, or cornrows, you can always slather your twisted strands in glitter. Use a single gel or multiple hues to create a fun hairstyle. If you want to minimize the mess in your own hair as much as possible, using braiding hair for the job is always an option.


There is no right way to rock sparkle in your strands, so it's time to give your mane a festive update. Experiment with styles, adding as much glitter gel as your heart desires, and you can never go wrong.