7 Winter Positions To Warm Up

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You may find that some of your favorite sex positions from your summer beach vacations look slightly less appealing once winter roles around. I'm not saying winter isn't a great time for having sex. In fact, Demetrius Figueroa, founder of the dating blog and podcast Tao of Indifference, tells Bustle that winter sex is a “cheap way to stay warm” — and I couldn't agree more. But while summer is all about getting out of those sweaty clothes and jumping all over each other, the same positions can make you feel a little exposed in the winter time. Not to mention, just really freaking cold.

But done well, just like Figueroa suggests, winter sex can make things way cozier. You can be as lazy as I am and have sex in a onesie (yes, yes I have), use a strategically placed blanket, try to incorporate hot cocoa — or you can just focus on sex positions that will help keep you warm. There are plenty of intimate sex positions that are perfect for warming things up, but are still really intense. There's no need for your sex life needs to suffer just because the temperatures have dipped. Instead, take advantage of the weather as an excuse to get you closer together.

Here are winter sex positions that will help warm you up:


The Plow

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How To Do It: With your partner on top, move your legs up so your legs or knees are resting on their shoulders. Your partner can help, but make sure they move slowly — it can be quite the stretch for some of us.

Why It'll Heat Things Up: It's like missionary but so much more intense. Not only are you having more skin-to-skin contact, you're also getting really deep penetration. Plus, if you put a blanket over your partner it'll be like you're having sex with a superhero.


Sofa Brace

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How To Do It: Like doggy, but instead you're on a sofa and using the arm or edge to bear the brunt of the weight. You can still use a free hand for clit play, of course.

Why It'll Heat Things Up: Doggy is amazing, but being on all fours can leave you feeling a little exposed... and chilly. This variation will keep the heat up.



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How To Do It: Your partner sits cross-legged on the bed (or where ever you feel like getting down), then you slowly lower yourself down onto them. If it takes a couple of times to get the right fit, don't worry— just use some lube. Once you're there, wrap your arms and legs around them and enjoy.

Why It'll Heat Things Up: You're straight up hugging each other in this position, so it's cozy as hell. Enjoy the close connection and stay toasty.



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How To Do It: Both of you lay on your sides, facing the same direction and pulled really tightly together. If you're having hetero sex, have your partner's pelvis a little lower than yours for an easy entry. For lesbian sex, just go for hand, nipple, and even toy play.

Why It'll Heat Things Up: It's cozy and lazy, but you can still get great penetration and clit access. All while spooning.


In A Chair

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How To Do It: Have your partner sit on a chair — a sofa or anything else will work too. Facing them, straddling their legs before lowering yourself down. Then you're in a great position for dirty talk, bumping, grinding, and anything else that comes to mind.

Why It'll Heat Things Up: It's a fun position for mixing things up and moving around the house, plus you get lot of intimacy, eye contact, and closeness. It keeps you close, while still being hot.



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How To Do It: While your partner lays back and just enjoys, you straddle and lower yourself onto them. It's a great position for playing with your clit and nipples — or just focus on the grinding.

Why It'll Heat Things Up: Sure, if you lean back it's quite an exposition position, but if you pitch yourself forward you can almost lay down on top of them completely. It's still a great position and a great view, but with lots of sexy skin-to-skin contact.


Side By Side

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How To Do It: You're going to want to start with your pelvis a bit higher on the bed than your partner's, then wrap your top leg over them and try to shimmy in toward each other. If you need lube or it takes a few tries, don't worry — it's a really relaxed position once you get there.

Why It'll Heat Things Up: It's basically perfect for winter. Slow, intimate, cozy — but still really sexy. Enjoy how close you are and add in some eye contact or dirty talk to kick it up a notch.

Winter is here and I know it's probably making you feel lazy, but fight that feeling. Instead, focus on heating things up in the bedroom — figuratively and literally.