7 Winter Storm Stella Predictions You Should Know

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Winter Storm Stella predictions are becoming more defined as the Northeast prepares for what could be the biggest snowfall of the year. The storm, which had already started in the Midwest early Monday, is expected to hit the coastal regions of the Northeast late Monday. Here are seven predictions for Winter Storm Stella worth keeping in mind.

According to USA Today, blizzard warnings have been issued for New York City, northern New Jersey, and southern Connecticut. On Monday evening, Winter Storm Stella was moving across the Midwest, where it was anticipated that 5 to 8 inches of snow would cover the region. Several parts of the South, like Arkansas and Tennessee, have already witnessed some snowfall. Washington, D.C. and North Carolina got their share of snow, along with South Carolina, which received a spring snowfall for the 17th time since 1888, according to The State.

If you live anywhere in the affected areas of the Northeast and have any plans of going out, traveling, or moving around, you might want to put them on hold for a bit. With the storm undergoing deep drops in pressure, and some places getting 2 feet of snow, travel becoming dangerous due to arctic winds ongoing for a week, coastal flooding in some areas, and several phases over the course of the night, this is one storm that you don't want to take lightly.

1. Winter Storm Stella Might Undergo "Bombogenesis"

While people on the Northeast are fairly acquainted with erratic and intense snowstorms that lock us in our buildings, Winter Storm Stella is one of the unique kinds since, according to The Weather Channel, the storm may undergo "bombogenesis." Say that again: "Bombogenesis."

This means the storm carries the potential to turn into a "weather bomb" by undergoing a rapid drop in pressure that takes place within the frame of 24 hours. A "weather bomb" is a term coined by meteorologists in the 1940s for coastal storms that gain ferocious speed and intensity. The power of these storms is something we "rarely, if ever, see over land," according to Fred Sanders, former MIT professor. In other words, it's pretty intense.

2. Some Places Might Get Two Feet of Snow

You can expect light snow to start late Monday night, which will intensify overnight and continue for Tuesday morning. The biggest snowfall is anticipated to hit Tuesday around the afternoon. Places near the coast should expect to see a snowy mix of rain and sleet. Some cities, like New York and Boston, are expected to get buried under two feet of snow, while Baltimore and Washington are looking at 4-8 inches of snowfall. Keep your boots ready in case you plan to step out.

3. Traveling Won't Be Easy

Naturally, when you have a snowstorm of this potential magnitude, travel is troublesome, to say the least. Already more than 750 flights have been canceled for Monday. Nearly 1,000 Tuesday flights have also been called off. Given the intensity of the storm, airports like Boston's Logan, and JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Liberty, all in the New York metro area, might stop flights for the majority of Tuesday.

4. Arctic Winds Will Continue for the Rest of the Week

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This might be the worst news for people looking forward to a bright, warm beginning of spring. People were all excited for a flowery and pleasant start to the new season, where going out wouldn't mean they had have to cover ourselves in at least a dozen layers. But as the weather forecast shows, according to USA Today, the Northeast will witness a week of chilly arctic air. Boo.

5. The Storm Will Have A Couple Of Phases

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According to The Weather Channel, Winter Storm Stella will have several phases. Its first phase has already taken place in Iowa, Chicago, and the general Midwest. Its next phase, the stronger and more dangerous one, is moving toward the Northeast.

6. Strong Winds May Cause Power Outages

The snowfall is expected to pick up intensity on Tuesday, taking on blizzard or near-blizzard conditions in the Northeast. This will likely affect road and airport travel while some roads will become blocked. It is expected that strong winds with gusts between 40 and 50 mph could potentially cause tree damage as well as power outages.

7. There May Be Coastal Flooding

In addition to the blizzard warning for Winter Storm Stella, the chaotic snowstorm is expected to cause flooding for areas bordering on the coast. This includes the Delmarva Peninsula, Jersey Shore, Long Island, and Cape Cod. Strong winds are likely to push water ashore in these places. The tides expected for Tuesday might go up to 2 to 3 feet, while coastal erosion might take place.

The best advice for surviving this storm is simple: Stay in and stay warm.