7 Women Share The Number One Hair Product They Can't Live Without

Think back to your most recent great-hair day. (If it's happening right now, drop what you're doing and make plans for tonight, STAT.) They really can turn everything around, because when your hair is on point, you tend to feel an extra boost of confidence. Work presentation stressing you out? When your waves are just right, you feel like you can ace it. Experiencing unstoppable volume at the roots? You know you're going to slay later when you’re out with your friends. That’s why hair products are so essential to a beauty routine — they help set the stage for those days when everything is just working.

There are a ton of factors behind what makes a go-to hair product. If you have naturally curly hair, you probably swear by your leave-in treatment. Have hair that loves to fall flat? A volumizing texture spray is probably your BFF. And if you’re plagued by frizz, nothing beats a lightweight smoothing oil. A holy-grail formula can go a long way creating a gorgeous hairstyle, no matter the hair texture. So we've partnered with Ulta Beauty to bring you the ride-or-die hair products from seven women with all different hair types and needs. Read on to learn why they swear by them, and get inspired by their faves to make this your summer of good hair vibes only.

Curl Cream

"I've been using curl cream on my ringlets for a couple of months, and it really does control the frizz of my typically crazy curls. It gives my hair a lightweight, natural shine that's especially perfect for summertime." —Alyssa, 24


Smoothing Oil

"I've been using smoothing oil since I was a kid, so I know exactly how to use it: not too much, concentrate on the ends. And it really makes my chemically-straightened hair smoother and shinier." —Deirdre, 29


Texturizing Spray

"My hair tends to fall flat throughout the day, so every morning, I towel-dry [it] and then add a texturizing spray to keep it volumized and wavy all day long." —Christina, 26


Leave-In Conditioner

"I have very curly yet super-fine hair, so I use a leave-in treatment that's hydrating without weighing down my curls. All of the sudden, my hair turns the corner, and I'm like 'Ooh!'" —Shavon, 27


Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

"Hydrating shampoo and conditioner leave my thick, dry hair tangle-free and really soft. I also like that they're sulfate-free, so they don't dry out my scalp the way other formulas have done in the past." —Lauren, 28


Styling Wax

"Styling wax makes my super-short hair look natural and is very fun to use. It feels like a magic trick! It's the only product I've ever enjoyed." —Abby, 26


Smoothing/Anti-Frizz Spray

"I started using a conditioning spray when I bleached my hair really light, since it was damaged and dry. I now spray it in every time I wash it. It helps keep my hair smooth, not frizzy." —Amy, 27


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