8 Best Dog Breeds For Cancer Zodiac Signs

When searching for the perfect dog for you, you want to think about more than just how adorable they are, or what size they are. You have to consider a dog's inherent personality and how it will mix with yours. For example, if you're someone with a lot of energy who is constantly going out and being active and social, you should opt for a dog who loves to be around people and who wants to constantly be on the move as well. At the same time, if you're someone who is more of a homebody and prefers a quiet night in, you'll want a dog who is more sensitive and cuddly. And that's basically the kind of dog you should look for if you're a Cancer zodiac sign.

Cancers are known for being sensitive, gentle souls who are very intuitive and family-oriented. As a Cancer, you are probably a little bit more emotional and moody than you really want to admit, but there's nothing wrong with that! You're someone who follows their heart, is in tune with their feelings, and would rather hang with their family or close friends than go out and do something crazy.

Because of all of that, you should look for a dog who wants to spend just as time being chill as you do. Dogs who are naturally sensitive, sweet, and loving are going to be the dogs you'll get along with the best. That doesn't mean you can't mesh with other dog breeds - you definitely can! - but you'll have more of a connection with a dog who is just as in tune with their emotions as you are with yours. Here are a few dog breeds perfect for Cancer zodiac signs:


French Mastiff

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The French Mastiff, also known as Dogue de Bordeaux, looks kind of intimidating: they are big, with faces that might come off as scary to some. But don't be fooled by their appearance: French Mastiffs are big sweethearts who absolutely love their owners.

They are fiercely loyal (just like a true Cancer!), and very protective. French Mastiffs can be very calm and gentle, if not a little stubborn (again, a true Cancer), and they really love to spend time with their families. You guys will basically be personality twins.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Want a smaller dog? Opt for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Super loving, sweet, and playful, these guys will give you a good mix of excitement and cuddle time. They are also known for being extremely intuitive, which makes them excellent as therapy dogs — and a natural companion to an equally intuitive Cancer.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love to be held by their owners, which is perfect for you, and they are very happy pretty much all the time. They're the perfect dog to keep your moods in check.


Australian Shepherd


An Australian Shepherd is a little bit different, but still perfect for a Cancer. These super smart, hardworking dogs love to be active, so if you're a more active Cancer, they could be perfect for you. They can be shy around strangers, but at home, they are super loyal and loving towards their owners, who they adore.


American Bulldog


Looking for a dog who will hang around with you and act super loyal? Then you'll want an American Bulldog. These dogs are extremely family-oriented, just like a Cancer, and they are very loyal and protective. They can be incredibly gentle and affectionate, and they will love cuddling with you whenever you want.

American Bulldogs are also really smart and really sensitive. They're totally in tune with your emotions, which will make it easier for you guys to bond. At the same time, they can be playful when you want them to be.




If you want a little dog you can take everywhere, choose a Maltese. These tiny little pups are super cuddly, loving, and fun, and they're small enough to also be really versatile. Maltese dogs can be really playful, but they are also known for being sensitive and gentle.

Another thing about Maltese dogs? They love to be indoors and actually thrive in a smaller environment. They just want to hang with their owner, cuddle, and play!


Golden Retriever

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Is there anyone a golden retriever isn't a good fit for? Probably not. One of the most popular family dogs out there, golden retrievers are loving, playful, sweet, and affectionate. They have a great temperament and are a perfect dog for anyone who can be emotional because they will lift your spirits up immediately.

Golden retrievers can run around and play, or they can sit by your side as the best cuddle companion ever. They're also super loyal without being scarily protective. What more could you ask for?


American Pit Bull Terrier


Don't let their unfair reputation fool you: Pit bulls are sweethearts who absolutely love their owners. They are actually known as "nanny dogs" because they can be so gentle and wonderful around children! They're great family dogs, just like Cancers are family people.

Pit bulls love to play and have fun, but they can also wind down their energy and spend some time just being chill with you.


Irish Wolfhound

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Irish Wolfhounds are another breed that can easily look intimidating because of their size - they're huge! But these guys are known as gentle giants for a reason. They are huge sweethearts who love to cuddle and be with their owners.

Irish Wolfhounds are also known for being very gentle and barely ever aggressive. He is also a family-oriented dog who would defend his family to the end of time.