The 7 Best Dog Breeds To Bring To The Office, According To Experts

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So, you might have achieved the dream of getting hired at a place that not only allows but encourages office dogs. The next step? Actually getting a pooch to bring along to work! Considering the best dog breeds to bring to work can dwindle the list of potential new pups so you can have the most ideal friend to snuggle up at your feet while you do so much work and definitely don't watch puppy videos on Instagram.

"Some of the best breeds of dogs to take to the office are the ones that do not shed," Sara Ochoa, DVMV, who is also a veterinary consultant for, tells Bustle. "No one wants to go to work and go to lunch covered in dog hair!"

Ochoa says that any small dogs that are less than 20 pounds are going to be best to take to work, since these little pals can fit in the small space under a desk with no problem. Other things to consider are the noise level of a pup, like how much they bark, and their overall temperament.

Take a look below for some inspiration when it comes to getting the perfect dog to bring with you for the daily grind.



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A tiny and lively pooch that is also totally down to relax is a great option for a work environment, and Yorkies are one such dog. They will hang out until it's time to go for that lunch time walk, and will definitely charm everyone in the office while they're at it. They're just so pretty, you know?

"Yorkies are very social but laid back dogs," Ochoa says, and this kind of personality is really great for offices. "They are usually quiet and take naps during the day."



Maltese are quiet and do not need a lot of attention, Ochoa says, and that's a plus during the workday. So if you are super busy with projects and meetings and not able to lavish much attention on your furry pal, a Maltese is a dog that will not be doing the needy thing all day long.

"Maltese are really fine to do their own thing," Ochoa says. They are also a generally good natured and upbeat dog, so socializing them to be around lots of other animals and people is going to be a breeze.




"Schnauzers can be very vocal but they are very independent," Ochua says. "While some schnauzers will bark a lot, you can train your dog to not be as vocal while at work."

You can simply start on this whole "no barking" thing by telling them a firm "no" when they start getting too vocal and rewarding good behavior the rest of the time.

If the noise thing can be mastered, schnauzers are a wonderful option for bringing into work and hanging by the water cooler.


Australian Labradoodle

"Australian labradoodles were originally bred to be therapy dogs, which means they are good-natured and nurturing," Lauren McDevitt, the cofounder of Good Dog, a company that helps to connect people with good breeders, shelters and rescues to find a dog, tells Bustle.

"This breed is extremely friendly, playful, and easy to train, definitely making them a great candidate to bring to work with you," McDevitt says. "They have a non-shedding coat as well, which can be a bonus around the office."

This is definitely the kind of pooch to have around when everyone in the office is feeling a little overworked and blue. A true love-bug!


English Bulldog

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Who wouldn't want this wrinkle-faced pup as a coworker?

"If you’re looking for an office companion that has a sweet disposition but is low-energy, the English Bulldog is a great option," McDevitt says. "This breed is friendly, dependable, and would prefer to spend most of their day relaxing."

This dog has a great personality type when it comes to absolutely going with the flow of the workday without asking for too much.

McDevitt says that if you don’t mind some snorting because of those smushed noses, and a little shedding, too, this low-key breed makes a great fit for office life.



These guys are known as "the quintessential family dog," McDevitt says. Which means that being around new people and new environments is actually a treat for this breed.

"Samoyeds are gentle, affectionate, and smart dogs," McDevitt says. And yes, while they’re a little on the larger side which means they might not be as easy to commute with or to simply tuck under the desk, they’ll definitely be friendly and playful companions around the office and will be sure to be loved by the whole crew.

And that's the most important thing when it comes down to it, isn't it?



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Along with being one of the cutest dogs in the gosh darn world, pugs are also notorious for their charming, playful personalities.

"Pugs are nearly built to be the perfect office companion," McDevitt says. "They’ll be easy to manage in an office environment because they’re fairly low-energy and choose to spend much of their day napping."

And despite their penchant for getting into mischief, they’re extremely friendly and will be kind and affectionate to nearly anyone they meet.

When the day is done, sometimes it's just the right dog personality, no matter the type, that fits perfectly into your life and your office. But these breeds are definitely a great place to start to find the furry coworker you're looking for!