You Can Stream 'Love Actually' & 8 Other Classic British Christmas Films Right Now

Love Actually / Youtube

Although it legally isn't Christmas until you have heard that Mariah Carey song (real talk), it kind of is time to get watching all of those iconic Christmas movies. After all, there only is a limited time in which you can watch these gems without feeling like a total wrong'un. The mere thought of watching one out of the festive season is terrifying and shouldn't be attempted.

Guys, it really is the most wonderful time of the year and whatever your traditions are, there is no denying that some of the best Christmas movies are British.

If you ask me, the UK has produced some of the most talented actors, producers, writers, directors, and well, creators around. Being known and respected as such means that making Christmas movies should be as easy as pie, am I right? However, the UK has considerably less Christmas movies than our pals over in the U.S.

But guys real talk, there is still no need to look over the pond when it comes to cinematic delights, no none at all. Especially when you consider all the stonking Christmas crackers we have at our very own disposal.

And what makes a perfect Christmas movie? Why love, laughter, family, festive cheer, and of course—happy endings.

Here is a select few to whet your Christmas whistle.


'The Snowman'

That flipping boy tenor singing that song. Ugh, chills. It is serious Christmas vibes, not to mention the animation that that evokes dreamy, sleepy, snowy feels.

Put your feet up and you have yourself a nice hot cocoa while you drift away to a magical world.

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'Love Actually'

This film is absolutely everything. Richard Curtis proves, as per usual that he is the don of the rom com. Starring too many mega stars to mention, this one is like the perfect tonic to all your warm fuzzy Christmassy needs. A beautifully woven tapestry of multiple stories of love, you will be crying and laughing in equal measures, but mainly feeling love —actually.

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So this is one that you might not actually have seen before. The 1970 version of the age old Dickensian story of turning your life around before it's too late, is a musical. Ideal for those who love a bit of a sing along and secretly reckon themselves to be a potential West End star. Especially after a few sherries.

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'The Holiday'

Two women going through life crises decide to do a house swap for the Christmas period. Set in both the UK and the U.S., The Holiday is a tale of taking yourself out of your comfort zone and totally reaping the benefits as a result. Lots of romance, LOLs, and of course, happy endings.

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'About A Boy'

Another little slice of cinematic heaven from our beloved Richard Curtis. This time, starring the terribly British Hugh Grant (don't judge me but, swoon) who plays a bachelor that strikes up an unlikely friendship with an adolescent boy. Their relationship leads to all sorts of ups and downs (some pretty effing dark) but is totally heart warming and gorgeous. Don't forget a box of hankies.

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'Muppet Christmas Carol'

Oh Kermie! Christmas spirit oozes from this classic like a load of yuletide lava from a festive volcano. All your fave muppets in Victorian England, changing an old miser's attitude on life? It's a bloody Christmas miracle.

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'Bridget Jones Diary'

Well, he's only gone and done it again. Oh Richard Curtis you talented man. Bridget Jones is in all of us. Feeling a bit disaffected, rubbish, and falling for the wrong kind of people? Check. Christmas jumpers before they were trendy? Double check.

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'Arthur Christmas'

How does Santa get around all those houses on Christmas Eve? Well, this films tells you exactly how. However, when a technical glitch leads to one girl being missed out, there is a heck of a lot of drama. This one is a bit of an underdog story, which I am totally here for. Arthur is Father Christmas' youngest son and a bit of a nerd. It is up to the unlikely hero to save the day. And does he? Of course he flipping does.

Voiced by the likes of Hugh Laurie and James McAvoy, it has total family favourite potential.

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Whether you're a festive elf or a miz-faced-scrooge-bag, these Christmas movies are sure to make you cosy as a bug in a rug. Now all you need is snacks.