8 Full Face Of First Impression Videos That'll Tell You What To Buy Next

With the world of beauty as large as it is, sometimes navigating new products can prove difficult. Whether you're looking for a new primer, a great brow pencil, or the perfect highlight, there are a ton of options. These eight full face of first impressions videos give viewers a look into what impresses YouTuber beauty bloggers from the second they wear them. With bloggers' first impression recording for fans to see, it's easy to tell what they love and what they loathe, and it could just give you some insight on what to try next.

What is a full face of first impressions, though? The videos feature beauty bloggers taking their latest purchases or PR products and testing them out live, for the first time, on camera. From primer to finishing spray, a vlogger will demonstrate how to use a product, how it's working, and if they like. Considering that they're trying it live on camera, you're definitely getting an upfront and honest opinion.

The good news about these videos is that they're incredibly popular. From luxury full faces to drug store versions, there's basically a video for whatever you may be searching for. Plus, tons of vloggers create them. These 9 full face of first impressions videos are going to give you some insight into what your favorite vloggers are loving.

1. Christen Dominique

That dropper primer you see everyone on Instagram? Christen Dominique is using it.

2. Jaclyn Hill

Hill always tells it like it is.

3. MannyMUA

MannyMUA will tell you about the latest Urban Decay palette.

4. Jackie Aina

Want some seriously funny quips with your makeup knowledge? Jackie Aina shares her opinion and makes you laugh along the way.

5. KathleenLights

If you love a mix of high-end and drugstore, Kathleen is your go-to for reviews.

6. Aysha Abdul

Aysha Abdul is all about detailed first impressions.

7. Laura Lee

If you want to see the absolute latest in makeup during your first impression video, Laura Lee will give it to you.

8. LearningToBeFearless

Love chatty style videos? This full face video is like hanging with a seriously knowledge friend.

If you're looking for new products to try, check out these gurus' videos. They're sure to inspire your shopping habit.