8 Kardashian Conspiracy Theories You Haven't Already Heard

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The Kardashian-Jenner family members have a history of being open books where their personal lives are concerned, so when something goes unexplained? Boom, Kardashian conspiracy theories everywhere... and most of them end up being totally incorrect. There are so many of them floating around out there that everyone's heard before, but then, there are the other ones. The ones so outlandish that they never truly gained any traction, the kind that you have to imagine Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim screenshot and send to each other so they can laugh about it.

It makes sense that they exist, though. When the Kardashians leave blanks just waiting to be filled, fans are sure to come up with their own answers. Are those answers right? Not always, and that leads to even more questions... and a lot of theories that are a lot of fun to read but that are almost never really what's going on behind the scenes.

Here are some of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories about everyone's favorite famous family that you may not have heard before. As long as social media and Keeping Up With The Kardashians exists, chances are pretty good that these theories aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

1. Kris Jenner Planned Triple Pregnancies

Jenner might be a Hollywood mastermind who wants her daughters to be successful, but would she really orchestrate pregnancies to bring those KUWTK ratings up? A blind item on the site Blind Gossip was seemingly posted in 2014 that claimed someone wanted three of her daughters to be pregnant at once. The site now claims that it was Jenner and that she's been planning for three of her children to welcome new lives into the world at the same time for years now. Could it be that the original post was just wishful thinking and then just so happened to work out?

Kim is expecting a baby via a surrogate, but Kylie and Khloé both have yet to officially confirm they are pregnant. Either way, who wants to think that Jenner would get that involved in her daughter's lives and uteruses?

2. Kylie Jenner Died In 2013

This one seemed like it was a joke, but it did gain some attention.

3. Ted Cruz Is Actually Robert Kardashian Sr.

We've all heard the theory that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer, but this is certainly a new one. The site WellAware1 theorizes that Robert faked his own death in order to start a political career, away from his family, assuming the identity of Cruz. To make this even more complicated, apparently, his wife, Heidi Cruz, is actually former Saturday Night Live cast member Ana Gasteyer.

4. Blac Chyna & Tyga Broke Up To Use The Kardashians For Fame

For as long as Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian were together, there were rumors that she was just using him to get close to the Kardashians... but this theory takes it to a new level. As MTV Australia explained it, some people think that Chyna and Tyga broke up to get their careers back on track with the help of the Kardashians, only to reunite later. Hmm...

5. Kylie Jenner Is Actually Kim Kardashian's Surrogate

Since rumors that Kim's surrogate is pregnant first surfaced around the time that people began to suspect that Kylie was pregnant, too, naturally, some people assumed that the only possible explanation here is that Kylie is Kim's surrogate. Probably not, but fans can dream.

6. The Kim/Kanye/Taylor Swift Ordeal Was All Illuminati Business

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What if the Kanye West and Taylor Swift feud was not only totally planned, but also a way to keep people interested in celebrities instead of thinking about other things? According to Vigilant Citizen, the 2009 VMAs debacle was actually a ritual to welcome her into the "The Circle of Chosen Artists”, and since then, everything between them has been staged.

7. Kim Is Actually A Secret Agent

In 2017, an Iranian organization reportedly claimed that Kim and Instagram are working together to use her lifestyle to corrupt women and children of Iran, tempting them with how much fun her life seems to be, apparently. Of course, Kim denied everything when People asked her if she's a spy, saying "What? For who?"

8. Kim, Kanye, & Taylor Planned The "Famous" Feud

Remember that time Kim posted footage of West and Swift's phone call where she seemingly approved some of the lyrics to "Famous" on Snapchat? Well, some think that the whole thing was staged. As Mic pointed out, Swift's famous response to the debacle — in the form of a screenshot of her statement in the Notes app — included the word "search" at the top, which would mean she may have had this response locked and loaded for when she needed it, and all she had to do was search her notes for it. It's a shaky theory, especially because she very well could have just written the message and not sent it immediately.

As long as the Kardashians remain in the spotlight, these conspiracy theories will keep multiplying. The famous family doesn't seem bothered by it too much, though. After all, it keeps people talking, and what's better than that?