Last-Minute Easter 2017 Party Ideas

Feel like having a party? Well, Easter is the perfect occasion — even if you're working within limited time frame. There are plenty of ways to have a last-minute Easter party that'll have your friends talking for months. Easter isn't just for kids, you know — it's also a great holiday to reconnect with your friends and family.

While you might assume that Christmas would take the spot, Easter is actually the biggest holiday for active Christians. After all, it's the day celebrating acknowledging faith.

Of course, these days, Easter is widely celebrated by all. While it's a very popular day to go to church (for those who don't usually go once a week) it's also a day to witness and enjoy spring. And, uh. Candy, if I'm being honest here.

You may be thinking that it's too late to plan a party, but you'd be wrong. Not only can you grab some quick decor at the store, but having an Easter-related gathering is actually pretty easy. Think about it — there's no gifts to purchase, and the chance of having to host a large crowd are pretty slim based on the fact that your bash will likely be occurring on Easter Sunday.

If you want some tips on how to make your party unique and fun, here are a few good ways to get started.


Hold An Easter Beer Hunt

Easter egg hunts are fun, but they might make you feel a little childish. If you and your guests are over 21, consider buying a few fun seasonal beers and hiding them around your yard or apartment. To add to the fun, have friends decorate six-pack carrier "baskets" before sending them on their way.


Consider A Blindfolded Peep-Tasting Contest

Karen Belz

Have you heard about the brand new Peeps flavors? There's 12 total, and they're all pretty great. The wide selection of new flavors means that it'd be totally fun to hold a blind taste test. Since Peeps are the candy of the season, it makes sense to see if your friends can immediately differentiate milk chocolate from dark chocolate, or raspberry from strawberry.


Host An "Ugliest Egg" Contest

Know when you try to make eggs look really cool, but they end up just looking pretty brown? Cut to the chase with an "ugliest egg" contest. Use stickers, glitter, and dye to try and make the weirdest looking egg of the bunch. Each friend or family member will get to judge, which will add to the fun.


Have An Egg-Based Cook-Off

You might be a little tired of hard-boiled eggs, so challenge your guests to create an egg-based dish that'll really wow the crowd. Out of ideas? Consider flan, deviled eggs, egg curry, egg drop soup, or even just a big plate of egg salad. Even cake counts, if you think about it. The best part about eggs is that they're incredibly versatile.


Plant Flowers For Guests To Take Home

There are so many Easter activities that incorporate the outside. That's because in general, Easter weather is absolutely amazing. If it's not raining, consider buying some seeds, soil, and paper cups. (And if it is raining, consider making a workspace inside.) Allow guests to plant flowers to take home. It's the perfect activity for kids and adults, and will help spread cheer for the weeks to come.


Do a candy swap.

When you're an adult, getting candy for the holiday isn't as exciting. Because — well — we can just go to the store and pick out candy of our choosing whenever we darn well please. Have guests each bring a big bag of their favorites and wrap them up. Then, hold a mystery swap. If your guests wants to trade up after the fact, that'll just add to the fun.


Decorate cupcakes.

Celebrate Easter and the season by decorating delicious cupcakes. Bake a bunch of basic cupcakes (and from-the-box cupcakes are totally OK, it's not like anyone will judge) and let your guests decorate them to their liking. It's almost like dyeing eggs, but with sugar and more supplies at hand.


Host An "Anytime" Brunch

Even if your party happens at night, you can still host a "brunch." Brunch is definitely an Easter-friendly food event, and having one outside of standard brunch hours is still a lot of fun. Make some mimosas to really get the party started.