Peeps' 12 New Flavors Ranked From Great To Amazing

Karen Belz

There's something very magical about Peeps. Some people prefer them stale, others prefer them fresh, and some people just prefer them in the highest quantity possibly. I suppose I fit in the latter group, as I was able to test out the 12 new Peeps Delights flavors that are hitting shelves just in time for Easter. If candy fans know anything, it's that Easter is the prime season for Peeps.

First, let's talk about Peeps — and let's go beyond the marshmallow here a little bit. Peeps are manufactured by a company in Bethlehem, PA called Just Born. Back in 1953, Just Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company's "chick line," and started producing the Peeps we know and love today. (For the record, it took a reported 27 hours to create one Peep back then.) It wasn't until 1995 when the company started getting a little more adventurous with their marshmallow molds. They played around with new colors and new animals — for example, you're likely familiar with the equally adorable rabbits. As time went on, production sped up as well. These days, each Peep can be made in six minutes. About 5.5 million of them are made daily. To put it in simple terms: that's a lot of Peeps.

Now? Peeps are unstoppable. Even sugar-free Peeps are available, because even those with dietary restrictions know they're incredible. When you take a look at the Peeps available this year, you'll only realize how far they've come.

It should be noted that every Peep on this list was pretty good. I mean, it's hard for the company to put out a marshmallow chick that tastes bad. It's just that some of the flavors were works of art, and that art should be recognized with a high rank.

It should also be noted that my husband, a noted candy enthusiast, helped score the Peeps. So, these are all based on both a male and female perspective of the "early 30s" demographic.

Let's see which of the new flavors will take home the accolades of being America's Next Top Peep.


Vanilla Caramel Brownie

Karen Belz

I know what you're thinking. "Why is Vanilla Caramel Brownie in the last spot here?" I felt the same way, at first. Out of all the Peeps, I was perhaps the most excited to try the Vanilla Caramel Brownie flavor. This variety is one of two Target-exclusive "Filled" types that Peeps has unleashed, and by far the most intriguing.

Perhaps the problem here is that when we think of Peeps, we don't think of caramel. While the filling is good, it manages to be surprising even when you know it's in there.


Marshmallow Dipped In Dark Chocolate

Karen Belz

A Peep like this is pretty close to your standard. And one note I took about it prior to chomping down? "The color is pleasing to me." Weirdly enough, I learned later that I'm not alone — yellow is said to be the most popular Peeps color. The reason why this Peep didn't score higher is because the dark chocolate definitely overpowered the marshmallow flavor. It's still quite good, but if you're looking for a Peep with layers (and who isn't, really?) there's a better variation that we'll be getting to shortly.


Triple Chocolate

Karen Belz

The difference between this "filled" Peeps and the Vanilla Caramel Brownie? Triple Chocolate sticks with one flavor, and makes it bold. This Peep is pretty much a chocolate lover's dream. In fact, even opening the package filled our testing area with a chocolatey aroma, similar to how I'd imagine Willy Wonka's factory smelling. Just make sure you get a glass of milk before diving into these.


Vanilla Dipped In Creme Fudge

Karen Belz

These chicks come out of the package ready to party. Seriously — they're covered with what look to be party sprinkles, or Funfetti. While judging things based on looks is often a little cringeworthy, I think it's totally fine to do so with Peeps — so, these totally get points based on that alone. The creme fudge (which is "decadent" — they all are, by the way) is notably good on these.


Marshmallow Dipped In Milk Chocolate

Karen Belz

Remember I mentioned a better marshmallow-related Peeps flavor? We've reached that level, friends. The only difference between these and the Peeps you saw at spot 11 is the fact that these are milk chocolate. However, when biting into one, the two flavors seem to compliment each other a little bit better. If you've ever combined marshmallow and chocolate before, you probably have a good idea of how these taste. (And if you haven't combined them before, what are you, some kind of animal? You're really missing out.)

OK, before moving forward, I have to let you know that the top seven was very, very difficult to put together. Not only is every Peep a solid winner from here on out, but they all scored high for very different reasons.


Lemon Dipped In Lemon Fudge

Karen Belz

I'm going to be honest here. I thought these lemon Peeps were going to score dead last, because lemon seems like such a bummer flavor. However, these Peeps actually made me realize that sometimes, there are still some good surprises in life. They also made me feel fancy for some odd reason — like, they'd be the perfect dessert served with a cup of tea with my friends.

They were subtle and light, and while eating them, I felt like I needed to note that they "smelled fresh," as lemons often do.


Chocolate Mousse Dipped In Milk Chocolate

Karen Belz

This was the very first new flavor of Peeps that my husband and I tried, so we really only had the faded holiday memories of a standard Peep to rank these against.

Even so, I think we were both pleasantly surprised, with my husband stating that they were "rich and full-flavored for a Peep." (Yes, he really said that.) I felt very strongly over the chocolate on the bottom, unaware at the time that most of these Peeps have that feature. Look at me, already getting nostalgic over this experiment...


Blueberry Dipped In Dark Chocolate

Karen Belz

My expert notes at the time state, "They look adorable, and spotted." To be fair, they are. My husband provided a more quotable quote, with "that's actually craveable." Remember when I said he was a candy expert? That's why I married him, folks. But, back to the Peeps — blueberry and dark chocolate are actually a solid combination, and I'd like to thank the creators of these marshmallow chicks for introducing me to it.


Coconut Dipped In Dark Chocolate

Karen Belz

Out of all of the Peeps, I was most excited to try these. Coconut candies and treats generally aren't the most popular, but they definitely have a pretty dedicated fanbase. The good news is, these Peeps deliver on pretty much everything they promise. Personally, they got one of my highest scores of this taste test. But, alas — as mentioned earlier, it was a pretty tough competition overall.


Raspberry Dipped In Creme Flavored Fudge

Karen Belz

Well gang, we've reached the top three. Coming in third is the Raspberry Peeps variety. The one thing we noted about these that was a little off? The creme flavored fudge didn't look like creme. Even in the photo, it looks more like a raspberry base. (But it still tasted quite good, so there's that.) They were delightfully sugary, as Peeps should be, and had a good fruity taste to them. All around, a solid Peep.


Orange Dipped In Orange Fudge

Karen Belz

Whoa, another shocker. Orange also isn't a typical fun flavor, at least in my eyes, but these just work. My husband and I compared these Peeps to Creamsicles. Surely you'll be able to imagine how they taste based on that description alone, right? Another positive is that they really give off a good Easter vibe. They'd look pretty stellar in anyone's basket.

But, the overall winner? Well, it had to be strawberry.


Strawberry Dipped In Creme Flavored Fudge

Karen Belz

You just seriously can't go wrong with strawberries and creme. These Peeps are subtle, light, and airy. But of course, they still taste incredible.

They were also the last Peeps that my husband and I snacked on out of the 12 — so, the fact that we rated them so favorably, and didn't just assume they were good and fall into a sugar-induced sleep coma, definitely says something. Funny, how our top Peeps were also the fruit-based ones. I guess that means we're officially adults.

You can find the new Peeps Delights and Peeps Filled Delights at your local Target for a limited time!