8 Self-Care Tips for a Better November

It's been a long, whirlwind of a year. Short of building yourself an underground bunker filled with candy and puppies, there aren't many ways to escape from the pressures of work and subpar dates. That might explain why self-care has been such a big deal lately. It's that essential. If you need a refresher, self-care is basically the 2017 version of "Treat. Yo'. self." And it plays a big role in helping you stay calm and sane through Sunday scaries, hectic weeks, and beyond.

When it comes to how you embrace self-care, obviously it would be great to get regular, hour-long massages and squeeze in 15 minutes of pre-coffee meditation every morning. But this is real life. What is totally doable? Amping up your beauty routine, which is essentially built-in self-care. (After all, what better way to hit reset on a not-so-great day than with a hot shower?) That can be in the form of repairing your hair, brightening your skin, and soothing your hands. The sky's the limit! That's why we've partnered with Target Beauty to create a guide to giving yourself head-to-toe TLC. Get ready to feel like a whole new person — or at least like you took a really long nap.

1. Slap on a hair mask.

Hair damage happens 24/7, from a tight ponytail to ombré color to the sizzle of a curling iron. So we owe it an apology — and some R&R — in the form of a strengthening hair mask. With the Kristin Ess Reconstructive Moisture Mask + Leave-In Conditioner set, you get the celebrity hairstylist's softening, detangling formula, plus a leave-in conditioner. The mask repairs hair, while the leave-in conditioner boosts up shine for a self-care win-win.

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2. Take a nice, long soak in the tub.

Turn off your phone, light your fave candle (bonus points if it's a soothing scent, like lavender), and run a bath. And since a proper soak isn't complete without some bubbles, toss in Da Bomb Bath Fizzer Snow Ball Bath Soak, too. It infuses your bath with moisturizing oils, so it'll hydrate your skin as you unwind. And what's even more satisfying than tossing a bath bomb into a warm tub? A toy inside! Each ball comes with a special trinket that'll have you living your best bath life.

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3. While you’re there, add a sheet mask.

You can multitask during your self-care ritual—so long as it doesn't involve checking your email. While you're relaxing in the tub, treat your skin to a mask from the Yes To Ultimate Mask Kit. It includes five different masks, so you can choose from options like the Yes to Tomatoes Sheet Mask (for a breakout) and the Yes to Coconuts Mud Mask (for hydration), depending on your current skin sitch.

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4. When your skin is still damp…MOISTURIZE.

As soon as you pat your skin dry, slather on some moisturizer (or forever deal with flakes and dryness). Skin is extra vulnerable to dehydration in the colder months, so apply Aveeno 24hr Skin Relief Moisture Lotion while skin is still damp — that's when it absorbs the best and is most effective.

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5. Spend a few extra minutes coddling your hands and feet.

The struggle of cracked, dry knuckles is real. Washing dishes, morning runs — your hands and feet do a ton of work during the day. Treat them to a mini-massage with the Soap & Glory Wait On Hand & Foot Gift Set, which includes both a hand cream and foot cream for all-around softening.

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6. Finally do a full-on skincare routine.

Now that your sheet mask is off, you can move on to the rest of your skin-care routine with some Korean beauty goodies. If you haven't dipped your toes yet into the world of K-beauty buys, Glow Studio kits are a great place to start. The Glow Studio Oil Be Gone K-Beauty Kit nourishes stressed-out skin with its antioxidant-rich green tea infused formula. It includes a total of four products — a cleansing gel, serum-toner, clay mask, and moisturizer. Say hello to your new glow-y skin!

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7. Don’t forget about your lips!

Chapped-lip season is upon us. Keep your lips super soft with Burt Bees Beeswax Bounty Assorted Mix. It includes four balms, so you'll never be caught without one. Stash a tube in your purse, in your car, and at your desk...just in case.

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8. Add a little glow

If you're an extrovert (or just need to vent), girls' night out might be your version of self-care. Blend NYX Professional Makeup Honey Dew Me Up Primer into your skin to nix redness and impart a soft, lit-from-within glow. Or, use it during the daytime to look just as radiant and well-rested as you feel.

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This post is sponsored by Target Beauty.

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