8 Skin Care YouTube Channels You Need To Subscribe To Right Now

When you think of YouTube beauty, you probably have ideas of makeup and tutorials. There may be a round-up or review thrown-in, too, but it's almost always makeup. If you're a skin care lover, though, don't worry. These 8 skin care YouTube channels are the answer to all of your serum, essence, and ampoule questions. Whether you're curious about the science behind an acid or just want to know how a certain product performs, beauty YouTube is more than just makeup.

The truth is that skin care may actually be more complicated than makeup, at least when it comes to how to use products. Like with makeup, you need to take your own skin type into consideration, but unlike makeup, mixing products or using the wrong ones could impact your face in a way that won't just wash off with a cleanser.

Plus, skin care is rather complicated. From terms like skip care and products called ampoules and mentions of putting acids on your face, it can be intimidating. Sometimes, you just need someone to walk you through what it all means and how you can get (or keep) your skin in tip top shape.

If you've been looking to expand your skin care routine, or just start one, these skin care YouTube channels will help you figure out where to start.

1. Gothamista

If you want to know something about a product, there's a good chance that Gothamista, aka Renee, has a video about it. Whether you're looking for great affordable skin care or wondering if that Drunk Elephant product is actually worth the splurge, Renee will let you know.

2. Beauty Within

If you're looking for some serious knowledge about how skin care works including what certain ingredients do, the best products for each step of a skin care routine, or the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, Beauty Within is your channel.

3. Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons is a qualified facialist, and she knows her stuff. She pulls no punches about what's worth your money, and what's not, and from her videos to her blog, she'll give you so much information that you'll feel like a skin care expert just like her.

4. Wish Trend

If you love Korean Beauty, you have to check out Wish Trend. The channel is part of the Wish Trend website which sells loads of quality Korean skin care products. If you're curious how any of them work, how to use them, or what they do, the Wish Trend YouTube is for you.

5. The Beauty Breakdown

While The Beauty Breakdown isn't totally about skin care, Madison, the creator, certainly knows her stuff. From her Skin Care Shorts series where she explains a part of skin care in three minutes to her reviews on products, she's a great person to learn from.

6. Beck Wynta

Wynta's channel is smaller, but that doesn't mean she doesn't give great reviews and routines. From her own personal skin care routine to comparison videos, her channel is a chill place to figure out what products may be right for you.

7. Hot And Flashy

Angie from Hot and Flashy focuses her channel on more mature skin, but that doesn't mean much of anything really. If you're looking for anti-aging products, reviews on certain products, or whether certain things like Dermarolling work, her channel is a dream.

8. Jackie Aina

It's not exactly a secret that Jackie Aina is predominantly known for her makeup content, and her channel is dominated by that content. However, if you're a fan of Aina, you know she's passionate about skin care and has plenty of videos on the subject. Plus, she's even done her nighttime routine with Harper's Bazaar and her morning routine with Elle.

While YouTube may be overflowing with makeup tutorials and cosmetics product reviews, don't worry. There are a few skin care YouTubers out there who can help out with all of your skin woes.