'Bachelor' Star Lesley’s Instagram Is Beyond Breathtaking


She might not have gotten a happy ending with Sean Lowe, but according to her Instagram feed life has only gotten better for Bachelor contestant Lesley Murphy since she appeared on the show in Season 17. The former political consultant and Arkansas native finished in fifth place on The Bachelor in 2013 and later served as a bridesmaid in Sean's wedding after becoming close friends with his bride and fellow contestant Catherine Giudici.

Many women wouldn't even consider being in the wedding of their ex, but according to Lesley it was a no-brainer given her relationship with Catherine. In a 2016 Washington Post article about female friendships on The Bachelor, Lesley reflected on their friendship and the episode when she got eliminated and Catherine burst into tears.

"That was one of the first times they’d really shown friendship on a show,' Lesley said in the post. "I see The Bachelor portraying more friendship on the men’s side and more camaraderie than on the women’s side."

Since the show, Lesley and Catherine have maintained their friendship and continue to support each other on social media. Additionally, Murphy has been traveling the globe non-stop and has reportedly found a new Bachelor Nation flame in Dean Unglert. The two alums — both set to appear on the upcoming Bachelor Winter Games were spotted holding hands at Sundance, according to E! News. Though, neither Lesley nor Dean have confirmed or denied their rumored relationship.

Nonetheless, Lesley's life seems to be on the uptick. And a sweep of her Instagram revealed plenty of other interesting things about the former Bachelor contestant.

1. She Loves To Travel

With a feed full of passport shots and airplane selfies, it's safe to say that Lesley practically lives out of her suitcase. And her love for jet-setting was so high that she decided to make a career out of it.

2. She's A Travel Blogger

From Paris to India and even Arizona, you never know where Lesley might be! Following her time on The Bachelor, Lesley relocated to Argentina and has had the travel bug since then. She launched her blog "The Road Less Traveled" so fans could keep up with her "crazy adventures around the world and getting lost in the culture of the people – seeing how they move, what they eat and how they make a living."

3. She Had a Double Mastectomy

In 2017, Lesley revealed on social media that she'd had a double mastectomy after testing positive for the BRCA2 gene, which put her at high risk for developing ovarian and breast cancer, the latter of which her mother was in remission from, according to People. She went on to share her entire surgical journey via Instagram.

4. She’s Got a Thing For Donuts

Traveling can really work up and appetite and Lesley isn't shy about sharing her favorite sweet indulgence — donuts! And she's not talking about the basic glazed kind either, instead Lesley takes it up a notch and goes straight for a mac and cheese donut, which she described as "mouth watering."

5. She Loves To Work Out

Lesley is constantly on the move with or without a suitcase. Her feed frequently shows her doing yoga or spinning away at SoulCycle, alone or with friends.

6. She’s An Animal Lover

Plenty of furry (and some exotic!) creatures can be found along Lesley's feed. But you won't just see her posing with puppies or elephants for likes. She also uses her platform to raise awareness about their treatment and rights.

7. She Supports LGBTQ+ Rights

Speaking of supporting rights, Lesley is a staunch supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and marched in New York's Pride Parade in 2017.

8. She Lives Her Life On The Edge

No matter the time, place or location Lesley's Instagram always shows her smiling and living life to the fullest. And by fullest that sometimes means standing on the edge of a cliff or fearlessly hanging face first out of a moving train.

Watching The Bachelor every week, it's sometimes easy to forget that contestants have lives outside of the show. But Lesley's feed is a good reminder that life exists beyond the rose ceremony.