8 Times Christmas At Hogwarts Was The Literal Definition Of Festive AF

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Christmas time in the famous alma mater of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger is a pretty major event. The school goes to town with decorations, lush food, music, and of course merriment, and I for one couldn't be more jealous. Yes, Christmas at Hogwarts is everything the festive season should be, and here are the elements of life at the castle that prove it.

I guess when it comes to the magic of Christmas, you're not going to get much more magical than a huge castle full with witches, wizards, ghosts, moving paintings, potions, and old spell books, right? But on top of that, Hogwarts brings the warm and fuzzy feelings too with roaring fires and snowy scenes. I'm sure even miserable old Voldemort got in the spirit of it all. OK, maybe that's too far...

That festive feeling can creep up on you at the strangest times. It might be the sight of frost on your window, or of daintily wrapped gifts under a tree sighing, heavy with decorations. Or could it be the mere thought of crisp, untrodden snow. Whatever it is for you, I'm absolutely positive that getting your cosy on and watching all the Yuletide scenes in the Harry Potter brings all the Christmas feels. So what are you waiting for? Whack on the TV and have yourself a marathon — and don't forget to look out for all of the 8 things I've highlighted below.


Huge Christmas trees

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Christmas trees are certainly indicative of the Christmas season but say hello to mega ginormous trees laden with hundreds of decorations. And to make the whole thing more magical they are also decorated with the use of wands as opposed to wobbly ladders.


Outdoor snow

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OK, it appears to snow heavier on the grounds of Hogwarts than nearly anywhere in the UK. This means it's safe to safely assume the castle resides somewhere up in chilly old Scotland.


Indoor snow

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OK so if it started snowing in your house, you'd be really concerned, right? But what if it was super magical snow and not cold at all. And the whole place was made into a magical frosty ice cathedral? Yeah, now we're talking.


Roaring fires

Fires that just never seem to quit? Oh yes please. The enormous open fireplaces in Hogwarts are just begging you to sit near them and warm your toes, aren't they? Accio another sherry, I'm feeling festive.


The personalised knitted jumpers

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Iconic bit of knitwear design from the one and only Molly Weasely. Yes they might be a bit on the scratchy side and potentially naff AF, but that's what Christmas is all about.


All that food

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Bring me pies, bring me turkey (or tofurkey in my case), bring me all the pigs in and out of blankets. Bring me multiple types of stuffing, potatoes, and litres of gravy. They know how to chow down in Hogwarts.


Actual Sleigh Rides

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Insert "slay/sleigh" joke here.

OK, but seriously. It's snowing, there's ice, there are gorgeous white horses pulling sleighs. Wouldn't say no to that. Especially if there was a mince pie and a cuppa at the end.


The Yule Ball

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Of course, the Christmas-themed ball in celebration of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. The great hall was dressed up in icicles, snow, trees, and ice sculptures. There was live music and (I assume alcohol-free) festive bevs. What more could you wish for?


With all this cheer and the time of year, you'll be a festive as a little elf in no time.