All The Things The ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Movie Needs, Including Linda’s Signature Songs


If you thought the small screen could contain the Belcher family and all its burgers, think again. After seven seasons, a Bob's Burgers movie is officially on the menu for July 17, 2020. If you're wondering to yourself, "What took so long?" Remember, it took The Simpsons 18 years to release a film. Creator Loren Bouchard promises the Bob's Burger movie is going to be for everyone. "We know the movie has to scratch every itch the fans of the show have ever had," Bouchard told Deadline. "But it also has to work for all the good people who’ve never seen the show." Basically, he said, "It has to be the best movie ever made. But no pressure, right?!" Oh, no, none at all.

So, what is it that fans want from a Bob's Burgers movie? With 130 episodes under Bob's belt, that's a very good question. Clearly, there's a lot to choose from, which could leave you moaning in exasperation like Tina after her first haircut... or because of stage fright... or while learning to drive. Alright, you get it, she moans a lot when she's panicked.

As a fan myself, I've got some suggestions of what Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise need to bring with them when they head to the big screen. And don't worry, suggestions most definitely include the three Bs: Bob, burgers, and butts. Alright!


Music — Lots Of Music

In a perfect world, this movie will be a musical, full stop. But, in case it's not, I make a request that it includes a whole lot of music. This soundtrack should be amazing. The movie especially needs to include some solos from Linda who really knows how to carry a tune. We all need the sequel to "The Thanksgiving Song (Pass The Cranberry Sauce)," right?


Even More Burger-Of-The-Day Jokes


They're always punny and they're always filled with pop culture references. There are too many good ones to list here, though, "The Cauliflower's Cumin from Inside the House" is pretty great. But, for the movie, I imagine they're going to bring out all the stops, which means keep your eye on that chalkboard.


A Boyz 4 Now Reunion

From "I Love U So Much (It's Scary)" to "Coal Mine," Griffin, Matt, Allen, and Boo Boo made all the hits. Until, they didn't. The band may have broken up (Boo Boo even went out on his own), but this movie is a perfect reason to get them back together for one more song. And hey, if they want to throw a new boy band into the mix for the movie, no one would complain.


New Characters & New Celebrity Voices

One of the best parts about watching Bob's Burgers is trying to detect all the celebrity voices you're hearing. Bill Hader, Aziz Ansari, Samantha Bee, Jenny Slate, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, and Jon Hamm have all lent their voices to the show. (Hamm played a toilet, for the record.) While these people should definitely return, some other new celebrity voices like say, Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, stopping by the restaurant are more than welcome.


Homages To Other Movies

Bob's Burgers has never tried to deny its love of movies and usually, it's in the most bizarrely entertaining way. In "The Deepening," there's a shout-out to Jaws. In the "Crawl Space," Bob goes all The Shining on us. In "Work Hard Or Die Trying," Gene puts on a Die Hard musical only to be outdone by Courtney's Working Girl musical. Since this will be on the big screen, it's time to go big or go home. My hope? They include an obvious sequel to Gene's musical, Die Harder.


Don't Forget The Family Hijinks

Whether it's helping Bob win a cooking competition or him getting his butt stuck to a toilet seat before a big magazine photoshoot, the Belchers are at their best when they're scheming together. That's why I can't wait to see what mischief this family cooks up.


Or The Potty Humor

Bob's Burgers has never shied away from toilet humor. Sometimes literally in the case of Gene and his "OT," aka Outside Toilet. Often, the family's appreciation for bathroom humor comes in the form of song. Bob and Louise sang a moving ditty about the bad stuff that happens in the bathroom, while Gene performed an ode to farts that might inspire you to have an extra helping of beans. Sure, it's gross, but it's also so funny that you may risk peeing your pants, which is why it can't be left out of the movie. Another suggestion? Make sure to hit the potty before you enter the theater, otherwise, watch this movie at your own risk.


Butts, Butts, & More Butts

In honor of Tina, we need to see as many butts as possible in the movie. Jimmy Jr.'s, of course, but honestly, the more butts the better. Fill the big screen full of them.

As Bouchard told Deadline, the Bob's Burgers movie has to "fill every inch of the screen with the colors and the sounds and the ever so slightly greasy texture of the world of Bob’s — but most of all it has to take our characters on an epic adventure." And the ideas above would definitely help accomplish that.