8 Thriller & Horror Novels That Just Might Be Scarier In Audiobook Form

'Tis the season to get spooky, book nerds, and I've got eight great thriller audiobooks for every level of scary listening. No matter if you're a horror veteran or a total chicken, the books on this list, curated by, are sure to have you covered in goosebumps.

When it comes to enjoying scary novels and stories, October is everyone's favorite time of year, but anytime is a good time for a great horror or thriller novel. Even in the summer heat, the right spooky story will send chills down your spine.

Ever since watching The Hitcher and I Know What You Did Last Summer, I know I've been just a little bit afraid of driving home at night, when serial killers and vengeful spirits abound. Listening to scary audiobooks on your drive home is a great way to capitalize on all the residual trauma of your childhood horror-movie experiences for the ultimate frightfest.

The eight thriller audiobooks on the list below aren't all buckets of bones and blood. There's something here for weenies and horror buffs alike, so keep scrolling to find your new favorite scary story. All of these audiobooks are available for free to new Audible customers, so what have you got to lose? Other than a good night's sleep, I mean.

'An Unwanted Guest' by Shari Lapena, narrated by Hillary Huber

It's a classic story: travelers wind up snowed in together at a Catskills hotel, only to find themselves targeted by a malicious entity. As the guests drop off one by one, their ski holiday turns into a fight to stay alive.

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'The Promise' by Katerina Diamond, narrated by Stevie Lacey

The fourth novel in Katerina Diamond's Imogen Gray series finds the Detective Sergeant putting herself in the line of fire by attempting to locate a mystery man who dates his victims before he murders them.

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'I Know You Know' by Gilly Macmillan, narrated by Steve West, Imogen Church, and Steven Brand

Twenty years after two children were found murdered in Bristol, a third body turns up, sparking a new murder investigation. For two men in town — a filmmaker and a police investigator — the new case reopens old wounds.

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'Pieces of Her' by Karin Slaughter, narrated by Kathleen Early

When a traumatic event at a shopping mall brings out a never-before-seen side of her mother, Andrea becomes the bearer of a 30-year-old secret that could destroy them both.

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'Under My Skin' by Lisa Unger, narrated by Vivienne Leheny

A year after her husband's murder, Poppy continues to have memory lapses and horrific nightmares. The terror becomes real when she starts to feel as if she is being followed, and sets out to learn who was responsible for her husband's death.

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'Truth and Lies' by Caroline Mitchell, narrated by Elizabeth Knowelden

The daughter of a veteran officer, Detective Inspector Amy Winter has dreams of being as respected on the force as her father. But when a letter from a notorious serial killer reveals the truth about her biological mother — and worse, plunges Amy into a high-stakes game with innocent lives on the line — the British investigator has her mettle, and her memories, truly tested for the first time.

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'Baby Teeth' by Zoje Stage, narrated by Gabra Zackman

Hanna loves her father and hates her mother. At least, that's how Suzette sees it. Alex thinks his wife is suffering from the stress of motherhood, but he doesn't see what Suzette sees when Hanna looks at her...

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'Her Pretty Face' by Robyn Harding, narrated by Kirby Heyborne, Cassandra Campbell, and Rebekkah Ross

Excluded from mommy groups at her troubled son's private school, Frances Metcalfe latches onto Kate Randolph when the other woman wants to be her friend. But one of the two is a murderer named Amber Kunik, and her secret is more important than their friendship.

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