8 Underrated Shows On Netflix Streaming Now, From A Hilarious Sitcom To A Mysterious Miniseries

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For many people, Netflix is a place to revisit the classics, TV shows like The Office, Parks & Rec, and Gossip Girl that you watched growing up and now tune into whenever you want something comforting and nostalgic on in the background. But in addition to all those beloved works from the '90s and '00s, Netflix also offers a ton of series that you might've never seen before — but that absolutely deserve your attention. Seriously, there are so many underrated TV shows on Netflix, and so to help you know where to start, Bustle's Entertainment Editors have picked their very favorites.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with re-watching a favorite show for the 1000th time or checking out one of Netflix's most popular newer series, like Making a Murderer or Stranger Things. But next time you're struggling to find something to watch on the streaming service, try picking one of these selections instead — you'll be so glad you did. Because from tearjerking network dramas to Netflix original comedies to heart-pounding British mysteries, the eight shows on the list below are all a combination of really good and really underrated, meaning that you'll be able to brag to your friends that you discovered a great show they know nothing about. Enjoy!

'Schitt's Creek'

"It took me all of 30 minutes to fall in love with the Rose family, whose video store empire toppled along with the industry; they were sent packing to a podunk town they'd all but forgotten they'd owned. Created by the father/son duo of Eugene and Dan Levy, Schitt's Creek features some of the most satisfying character development I've seen in any comedy ever. (Four-for-four on season finales making me happy-cry.) It's a show about forgetting the life you imagined in favor of enjoying the hell out of the one you're actually living, and the re-watch value is sky-high. It baffles me that the entire cast isn't showered with Emmys every single year."

Watch it here, then celebrate the holidays with the Roses with a Christmas special on Dec. 19 on Pop.

— Sage Young, Movies Editor


"Although Parenthood had a star-studded cast (Lauren Graham! Mae Whitman! Dax Shepard!) and could reliably make you cry every week, it never got the recognition it deserved. I mean, it's pretty much exactly Friday Night Lights meets This Is Us — what's not to love?! Luckily, all six seasons are available to stream, so you can check it out now if you missed back when it was on NBC."

Watch it here.

— Rachel Simon, Entertainment News Editor

'The Five'

"The Five (not to be confused with the Fox News show) is a really great U.K.-based mystery miniseries about a little boy who goes missing in the woods one day, presumed dead. Then — THEN — his DNA is found at a murder scene 20 years later. It is really emotional and heartbreaking look at family, while constantly taking unexpected twists and turns. And I, an amateur sleuth, didn't see the ending coming!"

Watch it here.

- Allison Piwowarski, Deputy Entertainment Editor

'Great News'

"If you're a fan of 30 Rock and/or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then I have some great news for you — you're going to love Great News. The short-lived NBC series recently came to Netflix and yes, it has the same team behind it as both those beloved shows. Nicole Richie's return to television is an added bonus. Her character is hilarious and will remind you why The Simple Life was such a hit."

Watch it here.

- Jamie Primeau, Celebrity Editor

'Les Revenants'

"On its face, Les Revenants is a zombie drama. Its premise, which has since been replicated by other movies and shows to varying degrees of success, explores what happens when the deceased in a small French town suddenly return to continue living their everyday lives, un-aged and seemingly unaware of how long they’ve been gone. They’re 'zombies,' but this is far from a Walking Dead situation: Les Revenants is far more interested in the emotional effects the returned have on their loved ones, who have grieved and are in various stages of attempting to move on with their lives.

This is a show about grief and what happens when you’re faced with the incomprehensible, shot in moody blue tones in the most gorgeous mountain town where it always seems to be twilight. That it’s in French only enhances the mood, so please, turn off the dubbing, and don't actually watch the ill-fated American version of the same name, which is also on Netflix."

Watch it here.

- Samantha Rollins, TV Editor

'Girlfriend's Guide To Divorce'

"Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce is a Bravo series about a group of wealthy, gorgeous women in sunny Los Angeles who are super successful in their careers, but have all struggled with marriage and romance. It's kind of like Sex and the City meets all of the Real Housewives in the best possible way. The imperfect friendship among the core group of women, played by Lisa Edelstein, Retta,Beau Garrett, Necar Zadegan, and Alanna Ubach, feels way more real than most 'girl friends' on TV and by the end of the first season, you'll find yourself rooting for them, too.

Plus, they all have impossibly beautiful homes, great clothes, and new partners that make for great eye candy. It's both the kind of low commitment show that you can watch while you do your weekend chores around the house and the kind of series you'll find yourself thinking about later."

Watch it here.

- Karen Fratti, Associate TV Editor

'Can't Cope, Won't Cope'

" The Irish dramedy Can't Cope, Won't Cope is a fascinating and funny look at the nuances of female friendships in your 20s. Both seasons of the show are on Netflix and there are 12 episodes in total, making it easy to marathon. But don't go through the episodes too fast — series creator Stefanie Preissner confirmed to The Irish Times earlier this year that there won't be a Season 3."

Watch it here.

- Mallory Carra, Associate Entertainment Editor


"iZombie is The CW's most underrated gem. It's about a med student who turns into a zombie and has to totally reinvent her life, and she does it in genius ways (like working as a coroner for easy access to brains). It's stylized as a zombie show, but not too much, and all the characters are great. Not to mention the fact that it's created by Rob Thomas, who also gave us Veronica Mars.

But, what I love most about iZombie is that it's actually one of the only shows on TV that has successfully tackled some more Trump-era themes, like xenophobia, justice, and the threat of authoritarian-leaning rulers. Yes, it can be a bit much at times, but it's always interesting, and, most importantly, always entertaining. Seriously, WATCH THIS SHOW."

Watch it here.

- Olivia Truffaut-Wong, Associate Entertainment Editor