8 Ways To Spend Halloween Recharging If You Don’t Want To Go Out


Going out for Halloween as an adult is such a commitment that you basically have to decide whether you're doing it or not a couple weeks out, so you can have your costume and plans all set. But, if you are in the "hell to the no" camp this year, then perhaps you're looking for some ideas for things to do for yourself on Halloween. You can still make the most of the day even if you're doing nothing. (This includes doing literally nothing, as you'll see on the list below.)

Taking care of yourself and doing things that you want to do is important. (Of course, if getting dressed up for Halloween and going to a party is your thing, then please do that!) And since planning a costume, getting dressed up, and going out can take up a lot of time, if you're not going out for Halloween, then it's a good chance to do something chill that just makes you feel good.

Of course, this can be anything (scroll through Twitter for hours, if you want), but if you're in need of some ideas to make the most of your night — perhaps by doing the least — then check out the list below. And if you have some non-Halloween party friends, feel free to let them join in, too.

1. Take A Walk

Not doing something social for Halloween doesn't have to just apply to the nighttime. While everyone else is running around trying to buy a wig last minute, you can take a nice stroll and think about the fact that you'll be wearing pajamas later instead of that uncomfortable costume from last year.

2. Watch A Movie

There are plenty of Halloween-appropriate movies to choose from, whether you want something scary or nostalgic. A few ideas: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Halloween, or Scream.

3. Have A TV Show Marathon

If you're in one of those moods where you don't want to commit to a movie, but are totally fine watching four hours of TV, then there are some spooky shows you can try, including Stranger Things, American Horror Story, and The Walking Dead.

4. Do Something Not Very Halloween At All

It's your night. Maybe you don't want to do anything Halloween-related at all. Need a suggestion? Order pizza and watch The Great British Baking Show, there is no series more calming and delightful.

5. Buy Yourself A Bunch Of Candy

The stores are full of it, and not being a trick-or-treater any longer doesn't meant you shouldn't have any. At least get a couple of those little Reese's pumpkins.

6. Bake Or Cook Something Comforting Or Festive

You could bake an apple pie or make this pumpkin fondue that Meghan Markle loves or keep things simple and buy a box of Halloween Funfetti cake.

7. Do Some Pampering

You want to do some pampering, but you just don't have time. Well, if you're staying in on Halloween that's as good a time as any to finally do it. You can also make it spooky with this scream emoji face mask that actually looks a lot scarier than the actual scream emoji. (Allure also has a bunch more Halloween-themed beauty products, too.)

8. Sleep

Isn't that all you really want to do, anyway? Own it!