8 Weird Phenomena We Still Can't Explain

by Megan Grant

Science has pretty good answers for some really interesting things in life, like what Saturn's rings are made of, how we use each side of our brains, and the proper way to pack a suitcase. But we don't have all the answers: There are many weird phenomena we still can't explain, leaving even the brightest minds and most educated humans scratching their heads. I'm not just talking about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle or how black holes work, either; strange things are happening all around us — things you'd never even imagine. Mysterious faces, unexplained apparitions, suspicious lights, and bizarre creatures are just a few riddles we have yet to solve.

I don't think human beings are meant to know everything. We already have more power and control than we know what to do with, thanks to the advancement of technology. Furthermore, I believe there are other creatures roaming the expanse of space that are infinitely more intelligent than we'll ever be. Maybe they, then, know what's going on with some of these things.

OK, so we found out that those Loch Ness images were a hoax. Alright, maybe Bigfoot isn't real. Fine, maybe mermaids only exist in the movies (lies!). But can you explain any of these?


The Belmez Faces

In the late '70s, strange faces began appearing and disappearing in the home of the Pereira family. They tried destroying them with a pickaxe and even replaced the floors multiple times; even so, though, the faces kept reappearing for the next 30 years. They learned that the house was built on top of a graveyard and had bodies underneath it. That may or may not have been the cause... but personally, I still think it definitely was.


The Beckenham Gargoyle

If you really want something to haunt your nightmares, this living, breathing gargoyle should do the trick. This video was taken in Beckenham, England, supposedly showing a gargoyle with glowing eyes jumping off a playground set. People in the area report a strange feeling of being watched. Haters say it's CGI. I say it's terrifying either way.


The Falling Body

One day, the Cooper family moved into their new home in Texas. They took a photograph to capture the exciting moment, as many of us do during important times in our lives. For most of us, however, a body doesn't appear dangling in the frame. The family clearly wasn't aware of the presence of this body. Otherwise, they'd probably be crying like I am right now. If you need me, I'll be hiding under my bed.


The Baltic Sea Mystery

On the sea bed of the Baltic Sea off Sweden, a circular object was discovered by a wreck-location and diving company. It has strange grooves on its surface and what seems to be a runway. Alien aircraft? Possibly. WWII anti-submarine device? That's a possibility too. It could even be a very odd rock. But no one can quite determine what exactly it is, making for an even bigger mystery.


Mapimi's Silent Zone

In July of 1970, a test missile allegedly went off course and crashed in Bolson de Mapimi, Mexico. Rumors claim that the missile contained radioactive elements, which contaminated the soil. Since the crash, no radio, TV, satellite or other types of waves/signals can get in that zone. Witnesses have reported orbs, lights, UFOs, and human-like creatures, which ask for water and say they came "from above."

Do with all that what you will.


Crop Circles

Yes, we all know there have been tons of hoaxes, thank you very much. But it's hard to deny that there have been crop circles so big and detailed that it's hard to fathom any human being able to pull them off. Are aliens using crop circles to help them navigate? Maybe they're just trying to say hello? Maybe it's their grocery list? Or maybe there are people out there who happen to be very talented in the arena of crop circles. Who knows?


The Overnight Genius

In 2002, self-described partier and jock Jason Padgett was allegedly attacked outside a karaoke bar. He was left with a concussion and PTSD. It also left him with a genius IQ. He woke up a mathematical expert able to visualize complex mathematical and physics concepts intuitively. Padgett apparently was never a very good student, but his attack seems to have unlocked a part of his brain he didn't even know he had.


The Humanlike Shadow On Mars

We're supposedly getting closer and closer to sending mankind to Mars — but have we already been there? That's one theory behind this photo, captured by the rover, showing what appears to be a man... or something else... leaning over it as if to repair it. Have we already landed on Mars and it was kept a secret, or did the rover capture another creature by accident?