9 'Beauty & The Beast' Inspired Makeup Products

If you're jazzed for the premier of Beauty and the Beast, then chances are you might want to show some of that excitement in the form of your makeup routine. Luckily, there are many Beauty and the Beast makeup products out there that will let you live out your best Belle, Mrs. Potts, or yes, even Gaston.

From themed nail polish that captures the essence of a character in a wild color, to gold matte lipstick and more, there are options on how to live the fairy tale out loud. You can spritz yourself with perfume that takes rose and sandalwood from libraries to create a Belle-inspired scent, or you can rock amazing nail art that makes you think of the pivotal scenes in the movie every time you glance down at your hands. You can also run rose heads across your cheeks in the form of makeup brushes, or snap a stained glass compact closed when done reapplying your lipstick.

Ahead are Beauty and the Beast inspired makeup products you need — you won't regret getting them. Jump in and grab some of these limited edition pieces while everyone is still in a Disney frenzy — there's no telling how long they'll be available.


Nail Decals

Beauty And The Beast Inspired Nails, $14, Etsy

Even if you skip the manicurist, you can still rock some impressive Beauty and the Beast nail art. All you need is the help of this Etsy store, which provides you with Belle themed press-on nails. The yellow ones represent her ball gown, and the stain glass one is the pièce de résistance.


Face Serum

Limited Edition Disney’s Beauty And The Beast Get Glown’ Kit, $90, I Love Skin Inc

While it's not available until March 15, this Get Glowin’ kit is a pretty brightening serum that's supposed to "improve skin texture, brighten dull skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots," according to its product page. In other words, flawless skin just like a Disney princess.


Rose Perfume

Disney Enchanted Beauty Fragrance, $20, Box Lunch

This fairy tale perfume will make you feel like you're living inside the tale — though maybe being trapped by a buffalo in a cursed castle isn't the place most of us would want to go. Regardless, you'll smell amazing. Inspired by Belle, the scent includes caramel, mandarin, orange blossom, cedar, and sandalwood. The coolest bit is that the book pictured next to the bottle is its case!


Makeup Brushes

Luke Henderson Book Clutch with Brushes - Blue, $45, HSN

The Home Shopping Network has released something pretty stellar in honor of the Disney fairy tale: A makeup brush set inspired by Belle. Coming in a powdery blue color the same as her dress, the kit comes with three brushes: one for foundation, one for powder, and one for eyes. The best part is that they come with a makeup clutch that — get this — looks like a book. Belle would obviously approve.


"I've Got Biceps to Spare!" Polish

I've Got Biceps To Spare Nail Polish, $10, Etsy

Do you have a thing for villains? Then this Gaston-inspired grey polish is for you. The name is a tribute to one of his songs, and the color is a foggy grey with ruby red and silver shimmer.


Whole Fairy Tale Nail Collection

Morgan Taylor Beauty And The Beast Nail Lacquer, $6, Ulta

If you want more of a selection when it comes to your manicures, then look no further than this Disney collab. Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer and sister brand Gelish Gel Polish came together to launch seven shades with fun names that tip their hats to the story. With options like "Pots of Tea," "Be Our Guest," "The Last Petal," and "Gaston and On," there are so many fun colors to choose from.


Gold Lipstick

Jojoba Lip Glaze, $4, Etsy

Do you want your lips to shimmer gold just like Belle's dress? Try this velvety rich lip cream with a matte finish. Aptly named "Beast," it'll make you think of that one pivotal dance scene in the ballroom as you swipe it on in the bathroom.


Stained Glass Rose Compact

Beauty And The Beast Stained Glass Rose Compact, $12, Etsy

Carry the rose in your purse that the Beast oh-so protectively kept in his room — just instead of underneath a glass case, you keep yours in the form of a compact.

This pretty compact comes in gold, silver, rose gold, or an antique bronze finish, so it can fit anyone's aesthetic.


Rose Makeup Brushes

Do you love the feeling of running a rose down you cheek? Now you can recreate it daily with Storybook Cosmetics rose brush set. With red bristles and a bent green stem with leaves and thorns, applying your contour or blush will feel magical every AM. It's not released yet, but the brand is planning to launch it early spring.

From gold lipsticks to funky manicures, there are plenty of beauty related ways to have fun with this new Disney release!

Images: Courtesy Brands