The Most Decadent Dark Chocolate Bars You Can Get On Amazon

by Lisa Fogarty

When it comes to treats that are a dream come true, dark chocolate fits the bill. The health benefits of dark chocolate are numerous and many experts actually recommend including a square or two to your daily diet (note to experts: thank you). The best dark chocolate bars on Amazon will satisfy your dessert cravings without adding a lot of sugar and unnatural ingredients to your diet.

Dark chocolate is a rich source of powerful antioxidants that can combat free radicals that destroy cells. There's evidence that it can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, protect your skin against UV rays, and even improve brain function. As for its nutritional benefits — who wouldn't get a kick out of a sweet that provides fiber, iron, magnesium, and other nutritious minerals?

In a nutshell: dark chocolate is good for you. Is there any reason we can't eat dark chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? I know, I know, everything in moderation.

If you're new to the world of dark chocolate, there are a few things to keep in mind. Don't expect to bite into the sweetest treat you've ever sampled. Most dark chocolate bars are made with 70 to 90 percent cacao — the higher the percentage, the more bitter and less sweet the chocolate.

These top-selling dark chocolate bars on Amazon range from incredibly bitter to organic and sugar-free. No matter what you prefer, there's a bar here for everyone.


A 3-Pack Of The Richest German Dark Chocolate On Planet Earth

Schogetten is an incredibly popular German chocolate brand that's gaining a cult following in the US, despite its no-frills packaging. It's incredibly rich and made with high-quality ingredients that you can actually read. While it may not be the darkest or sweetest chocolate (it's made of 50 percent cacao), it perfectly balances being both bitter and smooth. For $11, you'll get three bars.


A 3-Pack Of Beautifully Wrapped Dark Chocolate Truffles Bars That Are Gluten-Free, Kosher-Certified, And Vegan

If you love chocolate truffles, you'll love them even more in bar form. Gluten-free, vegan, and kosher-certified, this set of three dark chocolate bars comes beautifully wrapped in an acrylic box, so it's perfect for gift-giving. Made in small batches in Seattle, the brand only uses high-quality Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa and coconut oil. Each set includes one Super Chocolate (infused with coffee flour and cocoa nibs), one Rainier Cherry Chocolate (with praline pecans and cherries), and one Salted Almond Dark Chocolate (with almonds and sea salt) truffle bar.


A 2-Pack Of 1-Pound (Plus) Dark Chocolate Bars Made With 72 Percent Cacao

When it comes to dark chocolate, the bigger, the better. This two-pack from Trader Joe's offers more than a pound of 72 percent cacao dark chocolate in each bar. You won't find any artificial colors or preservatives here — just decadent, slightly bitter chocolate — and lots of it.


A 'Library Collection' Of Dark Chocolate Bars In Four Different Flavors That Makes A Beautiful Gift

Aside from the fact that these dark chocolate bars come elegantly packaged like a mini book collection, which is a good enough reason to buy them, they're also rich and delicious. You'll get four different chocolate bars, all made with 70 percent dark chocolate: salted caramel, sea salt, raspberry and hazelnut, and plain. Ethically-sourced and made with high-quality ingredients, this is a smooth, balanced treat that any chocoholic will love.


Individually Wrapped Dark Chocolate For On-The-Go Snacking

Each one of these delicious dark chocolate squares is individually wrapped, which is perfect for on-the-go snacking. This gluten-free chocolate is made with 86 percent cacao and the high percentage isn't for "timid dark chocolate lovers," according to one reviewer. In other words: expect a bit of bitterness from these treats. If these are too strong for you, Ghirardelli also makes 72 percent dark cacao bars and chocolates seasoned with sea salt (yum).


An Incredibly Dark & Super Rare Chocolate Bar Made With A Whopping 99 Percent Cacao

In the dark chocolate universe, a bar made from 90 percent cacao is considered rare. This dark chocolate bar, with 99 percent cacao, is an exceptional unicorn. The supremely high cacao content means you can expect the strongest tasting cocoa beans possible — and with less than 1 percent sugar in the mix, it's no surprise this is considered the "espresso of chocolate."


A 10-Pack Of Organic Dark Chocolate Infused With Cocoa Butter And Vanilla

Made with USDA organic, fair trade, and UN-certified ethically-sourced chocolate, this dark chocolate bar contains 85 percent cacao derived from Trinitario cocoa beans. The addition of cocoa butter and vanilla takes the edge off of its bitterness (just a wee bit), and it doesn't have any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Plus, over 700 reviewers gave it a near-perfect rating, so you know it must be really good. Every order comes with 10 bars, so you'll have enough dark chocolate to last you a while.


A 12-Pack Of Dark Chocolate With 88 Percent Cacao That Supports Endangered Animals

Support a great cause while indulging in a better tasting treat when you buy these dark chocolate bars, which are made from ethically-traded cocoa beans grown on small family farms. Inside each wrapper on these gluten-free chocolate bars, which are made with 88 percent cacao, you'll find important information about endangered animals written by experts. As a huge bonus, 10 percent of its annual net profits are donated to wildlife organizations that are working to protect endangered animals. With this purchase, you'll get 12 bars, so it's perfect for big families looking for a healthier dessert option.


Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Squares With 85 Percent Cacao

Whether you live a ketogenic lifestyle, have to follow a low or no-sugar diet, or just prefer low-glycemic treats, these dark chocolate squares hit the mark. They're made from 85 percent cacao and are completely free of sugar, sugar alcohols, and artificial sweeteners. The sweetness they do have comes from a monk fruit and fiber blend. Free of gluten and GMOs, they're also rich in antioxidants. One bag includes 10 pieces.

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