9 Major Decisions You Should Avoid Making This Summer, Thanks To Mercury Retrograde

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

While Mercury retrograde (taking place between Jul. 26 to Aug. 19 this year) isn't going to throw us completely out-of-whack in the way that some like to think, it does have the power to complicate things. So instead of defining yourself as either the kind of person who freaks out over retrogrades, or the type of person who doesn't pay them any attention, draw from both mentalities and do a little precautionary planning to play it safe. There are certainly big decisions you shouldn't make during Mercury retrograde in summer 2018, as you won't want to risk the chance of planetary interference. When you're making an important choice or a taking a risk, you want the odds to be in your favor. Though you have protect yourself from the effects of Mercury retrograde by stayed extra focused and flexible, double checking everything, and being intensely communicative, you can't account for how other people behave.

So if you're up against something big that could change your life, you might want to wait until Mercury is direct again, and the people around you are functioning more efficiently, too. Some decisions that are entirely in your control, like baking a birthday cake from scratch rather than getting one from the store are totally fine to commit to. But other decisions, that involve a lot of moving parts, higher stakes, and other people, like buying a house, are going to need to be put on hold until after Aug. 19. Here are some of the other big decisions you should put off for a few weeks.

Don't Make Big Purchases

Unless it's totally necessary, avoid big purchases. If you must, make sure at the very least that you shop around for comparable sales and learn about the return policy. Ideally, all big shopping sprees or large financial commitments should be delayed until after Aug. 19.

Don't Sign Contracts

If you can avoid signing anything binding during this time, do so. You can always stall and rely on verbal agreements in the mean time, so as to not hold up new projects. Once retrograde is over, reread the contract and make sure you're still on board with all that is expected of you.

Don't Schedule An Important Meeting At Work

Though you might have very valid and pressing reasons for wanting to schedule an important talk with your boss, put it off. The combination of your complicated personal life, your boss's complicated personal life, and the communication issues that are bound to arise, now is not the time to talk about something serious.

Don't Start Dating Someone New

It's hard to get to know someone new when you're feeling out of touch with yourself. First dates are super stressful and they're bound to be even more awkward and off during a retrograde. And if your potential date won't wait a few weeks to meet, it might not be worth it anyway. Patience is a virtue.

Don't Quit...Anything

You might be feeling really fed up, but try to practice some meditative breathing and move past the moment. If you still feel like you want to quit after Aug. 19, go for it.

Don't Travel Somewhere New

Traveling during retrograde is a risk, so if you're going to go anywhere, make sure it's a place you've been before. You don't want to deal with navigating a new place during this time, so stay within the realm of familiarity.

Don't Move

If you can avoid moving into a new home on Aug. 1, please do. Wait until Sep. 1 if you can. A move involves so many different people and conditions, and even during a planetary positive time a move can be chaotic. So don't risk the stress and the mishaps, just put off the move until next month.

Don't Make Any Public Declarations

You might be feeling really inspired or riled up about something, and you're totally justified in feeling the way that you do, but keep it to yourself. During a time when everyone is experiencing heightened emotions, you'll want to avoid making public declarations of any kind. Mercury's retrograde has a tendency to cause miscommunications, and you don't want to risk insulting anyone you care about, accidentally. Once you put something out there, you can't take it back.

Don't Revisit Ghosts

You might be tempted to get back in touch with ex lovers, or you might find ex lovers trying to get in touch with you. If this person is in your past for a good reason, don't welcome them into the present. Mercury's retrograde can make us feel vulnerable and nostalgic, which might momentarily confuse our feelings for an ex. So be emotionally responsible and politely push away any opportunities to talk to your ex.