What This Month’s Blood Moon Means For Your Zodiac Sign

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Summertime, and the living's dark and twisty. If you're feeling the effects of five simultaneously retrograde planets, just know the July 27 blood moon and total lunar eclipse is coming, and it's going to make things even more intense. Ugh. If you're wondering what the July 2018 blood moon means for you based on your zodiac sign, this red moon — coupled with the longest lunar eclipse of the century — is going to have all signs feeling everything more intensely than usual.

In the case of the July 2018 blood moon, knowledge is power. If you know that things are going to get weird, you can remind yourself that it's the moon coupled with Mercury, which turns retrograde the day before the full blood moon. In fact, I suggest repeating the mantra "it's just the moon" when you start to feel like you're going bananas.

If you're curious about just how strong a full blood moon can be, think of regular full moon as Lorelai Gilmore after one cup of coffee. A full blood moon is akin to Lorelai after 10 pots of coffee. While the full blood moon might make it feel like it's bleeding you dry, this type of full moon actually has nothing to do with blood. The blood moon gets its name from the reddish hue it takes on due to the lunar eclipse, and here's how this powerful moon will affect you based on your zodiac sign.



Aries, the July 2018 blood moon might have you feeling like you've suddenly become a Gemini. For you, the blood moon and total lunar eclipse will bring a kind of duality that you're not used to. You could experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, and you'll struggle to find any middle ground.

"You might decide to cut ties with a frenemy. On the upside, a social media post could go viral, or a collaborative project can gain major buzz," the Astro Twins noted on Astro Style. "Aries, you're a natural born leader, and after today, you might step into a powerful role."



Taurus, overall it's been a strange summer for you. While you're usually careful to weigh every option before acting, the five retrograde planets have you moving at a furious pace. And, the July 2018 blood moon is going to reveal some of the downfalls of going against your nature. Things could get pretty frustrating if you've spent the majority of the summer acting on impulse.

"Be cautious when it comes to mixing personal and professional arenas," Cafe Astrology cautioned. "Misunderstandings can be plenty, and you'll want to avoid bad press now. Impatience won't move things forward if they're not ready to go in that direction, so take some time before making needed changes."



Gemini, your twinning nature is going to serve you well during the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse. Not only are you going to have a positive Mercury retrograde experience, the same goes for the blood moon. While everyone else is feeling dark and twisty, you'll be feeling bright and shiny, which means you might be called on to act as a bright light to struggling friends and loved ones.

"While some others may struggle with anger and frustration, your patience and decisiveness will help loved ones in a crisis," Astrologer Jamie Partridge revealed on Astrology King. What's more: "An opportunity may arise to apply this transformation to your love life, finances, or creative work."



Cancer, you already have all of the feelings all of the time. During the July 2018 blood moon get ready to be caught off guard by an unexpected infatuation that results in an intense physical connection. While it may just be the energy of the moon, this connection is worth exploring. Aside from romance, you can expect other surprises as well.

"On July 27, a total lunar (full moon) eclipse lands in Aquarius and your merger-minded eighth house," the Astro Twins explained. "A simmering sexual attraction could consummate quickly, perhaps turning into a full-blown soulmate relationship. This eclipse could also bring a large financial windfall or unexpected momentum around a legal or property matter."



Leo, the July 2018 blood moon will yank you out of your fantasy world and remind you that you're not actually the center of the universe. If you've been taking more than you've been giving in your personal and professional relationships, use this time to find some much needed balance if you want to hold on to what's important to you. Putting the work in now can pay off big later.

"You may need to take a look at the hard issues in a partnership so that you can later take action to make some crucial changes. For now, sudden moves are not advised," Cafe Astrology advised. "Focusing on getting your practical priorities straight can be highly rewarding and even transformative now and in the coming weeks."



Virgo, while Leo is advised to be more giving, the July 2018 blood moon is sending a message that you should be more selfish. If you've been overextending yourself and neglecting your own needs, it's time to right that wrong. The full blood moon and lunar eclipse will direct you to meditate on what you really want and need, which can serve as a much-needed cosmic house cleaning.

"You could make a sweeping lifestyle change, switching up your daily routines or eating or fitness habits, or dramatically exiting a confining and stressful scenario," the Astro Twins revealed. "This is the final Aquarius eclipse in a series that's been touching down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017 and revolutionizing your approach to health and helping you find the right balance between control and surrender."



Libra, if you've been feeling overwhelmed this summer, the pressure isn't going to let up any time soon. However, the struggles and frustrations brought to light by the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse will serve a greater good even though they might be painful in the moment. Try to find balance, ground yourself, and take extra time for self care.

"A frustrating matter from your past can emerge but can be very revealing, and you might begin to figure out the root of recent aggravations. Tensions now can come from pushing something that shouldn't be accelerated," Cafe Astrology warned. "Matters are inflamed now, but this brings them firmly to your attention. The effects of this eclipse last many months. Epiphanies occurring now are meant to push you forward along a more authentic path."



Remember that episode of Gilmore Girls where Luke and Lorelai get into a big fight and she sleeps with Christopher? Scorpio, this is the kind of bad decision you could make under the influence of the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse. If you don't take a beat between impulse and action, you become your own worst enemy and make a mess that takes you years to clean up.

"A tendency to act rashly without regard for the consequences can lead to great disruption in your life," Partridge cautioned. "Awareness of this dynamic energy can instead lead to inventive and creative breakthroughs and a reinvigorated personal life." Basically, it will be hard to find any middle ground as you vacillate chaos and common sense. Choose wisely and don't let your emotions dictate your future.



Sagittarius, if it feels like you've been working your butt off and no one has noticed, the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse are going to shine a light on your accomplishments. Any stalled projects, relationships, or even creative ideas will suddenly move forward at a furious pace. Get ready for a wild ride.

"Exciting news, plans and conversations that have been percolating since the Feb. 15 Aquarius solar eclipse could reach a boiling point. Ready to throw your hat in the ring for a cutting-edge project or to make a bold debut? This eclipse could bring major buzz around one of your ideas or turn you into a viral sensation," the Astro Twins revealed. "Writing, teaching and media projects get a special boost from this communicative full moon."



Capricorn, the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse could have you in a karmic tug of war over financial matters, work projects, and for the alpha role in a relationship. Basically, it's going to be hella frustrating because you're not willing to surrender your position.

"Money matters can be a big theme now. There can be a tug of war going on with someone (or within yourself) over money, possessions, and matters of control," Cafe Astrology noted. "Whatever emerges now can force a needed change." The outcome of these struggles could ultimately benefit you, even if in the moment you feel like you've given up ground.



Aquarius, this eclipse will determine the course of your life over the next few years, so it's important to pay attention to any karmic messages you receive. If you feel like the path you're on is a dead end, the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse will offer a fork in the road. If you're ready to try something new, this is the best time to get started.

"This one is the inaugural eclipse in a series that will fall on the Cancer/Capricorn axis between now and July 2020, initiating a wave of changes around health and healing, spirituality and creativity, and work and service," the Astro Twins explained. "Over the next two years, you’ll play with the balance between control and surrender, left and right brain, logic and magic."



Pisces, you can expect to experience a heightened sense of intuition during the July 2018 blood moon and lunar eclipse. During this time it's more important than ever to listen to your gut, even if you encounter resistance from others. Ignoring signs from the universe or making rash decisions to avoid conflict could lead to trouble later; make sure to stand your ground.

"The total lunar eclipse on the 27th can pull up strong intuition," Cafe Astrology revealed. "This eclipse occurs in alignment with retrograde Mars and can push troubled areas to the foreground for your attention. Desires and feelings are intense now. ... Focus on doing your best instead of allowing a lack of direction to interfere with productivity. In time, direction and purpose will reveal themselves."

Overall, the July 2018 blood moon and total lunar eclipse will unleash powerful cosmic energy for everyone. Take some time before the eclipse to write down your intentions so you can use the energy of this blood moon and eclipse to manifest more of what you really want.