9 Books To Give Your Mum For Mother's Day That You'll Want To Borrow ASAP

by Alice Broster

Mother's Day can pose a little bit of a struggle as far as gifts are concerned. If you're close to your mum, it can be hard to buy her something that truly reflects how much you appreciate everything she's done for you. And with Mother's Day coming not long after Christmas, you may well have exhausted all your good present ideas during the festive season. There are some Mother's Day classics you could be tempted to fall back on — flowers are lovely but they don’t last all that long and chocolate can feel like a little bit of an obvious option. So instead, here are nine books that are ideal for Mother's Day that will absolutely make your mum's day.

There are so great reads out right now that will make for a really thoughtful gift. With a new novel from literary legend Marian Keyes, to stories about mental health, family reunions, and independent women, you’ll absolutely be able to pick one up that suits your mum. Just be prepared to get some serious book envy and work out a way to politely ask to borrow it after she’s done reading it. Surely it's just the environmentally thing to do, right?


‘Grown Ups’ by Marian Keyes

There’s a reason there’s been such a massive hype around Grown Ups by Marian Keyes — it’s completely gripping. It tells the story of a family called the Caseys who appear have it all — the perfect marriage, an amazing house, most lavish parties, and they love each other dearly. However, when one careless remark slips out at a party, it becomes abundantly clear that some dangerous secrets are bubbling up under the surface.


‘Pet’ by Akwaeke Emezi

Monsters aren’t real. At least that’s what we’re taught. Jam has grown up all her life knowing that there’s nothing to be afraid of, until something with claws and horns comes out of a painting at her best friend's house. Pet is a creature that's come to hunt a monster and set more than a few mysteries unravelling.


‘The Foundling’ by Stacey Halls

Bess leaves her daughter Clara at London’s Foundling Hospital because she has no other choice. Six years later she goes back to try and have a relationship with the daughter she never knew. However, when she gets there she’s told that her daughter has already been picked up by someone using Bess' name. She must find out where Clara is and who took her.


‘OPEN’ by Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge may be best known as a member of girl group, The Saturdays or for her successful presenting career. However, in OPEN she tells her story of her journey with mental health. From a breakdown that leads to her being hospitalised to accepting her condition, learning to cope day-to-day, and speaking to others OPEN is raw, honest, and incredibly important.


‘The Mercies’ by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

On Christmas Eve 1617, Maren Magnusdatter watches as the men of the Norwegian island of Vardo, including her father and brother, are lost at sea in a horrendous storm. The women must adapt and learn to fend for themselves. That is until a new leader arrives to try and take control. He comes up against something he’s never seen before women who are unwilling to do what they're told. The Mercies is based on the stories of real-life witch trials and is a must read.


‘Swimming in the Dark’ by Tomasz Jedrowski

If you’re looking for something escapist then Swimming in the Dark by Tomasz Jedrowski will be the perfect gift. Set in 1980s Poland, Ludwik Glowacki is facing the prospect of graduating with little guidance or knowledge of what he wants to do. That’s when he meets Janusz and for a summer they spend their time immersed in books, swimming, and falling in love. But summer doesn't last forever and, once it ends, they have to work out how they want to live their lives.


‘My Wild & Sleepless Nights’ by Clover Stroud

Stroud is a mother of five children, aged between one and 17. My Wild and Sleepless Nights is a meditation on the journey that is motherhood. From pregnancy and birth, to raising children and seeing them off to school, Stroud talks about the physical, emotional, and mental impact parenting can have.


‘Last of Her Name’ by Mimi Lok

Set in a range of time periods and places, Last of Her Name tells stories of damaged loves, kung-fu fighting teenage girls, and elders refusing to conform to stereotypes. It’s a collection that's super easy to dip in and out of, however the book has a running theme that neatly ties everything together.


‘Sex & Lies’ by Leila Slimani

So much is being written about female sexuality right now. Leila Slimani shines a light on what it’s light to live in a sexually ‘enlightened’ age as a Arab woman in Morocco. Her first work of nonfiction Slimani takes both her own experiences as well as others to confront prejudice and misogyny and tell the kinds of stories that are often hidden away.