9 Halloween Masks Under $20 On Amazon That Can Still Arrive In Time For Your Costume Party


So you're on a budget this Halloween. No worries — you can still dress up. The best cheap Halloween masks can complete your whole look, and you don't even have to dip into your rent money for it. In fact, all of these Halloween costumes are under $20, so whether it's the finishing touch or the backbone of your whole look, you're covered. Pun intended.

Pro tip: Specialty costume stores and online retailers stock very similar items, and the quality isn't that different, either. In fact, the only real difference is the price tag. Yeah, you won't get the chance to try it on, but if you're looking to save a ton of money, that little detail is easily overlooked — especially when there are user reviews to help you back up your purchase.

When it comes to easy but unique costumes, Amazon saves the day yet again with its reasonable pricing and fast shipping. Not only are the majority of these masks Prime-eligible (so if you're cutting it close to Halloween, you'll still make it), but they look and feel like you spent a lot more than you did.

After you find a highly-reviewed Halloween mask that you love, it's all about supplementation. Wear clothes you already have. Pick up the last few odds and ends at a thrift store, or borrow something from a friend. Before you know it, you'll have a brilliant costume that doesn't even feel like a budget-friendly compromise. Who knows? You might even win a contest.


These Gorgeous Masquerade Masks In Various Colors

Costume Recommendations: Masquerade, Ballerina, Cat, Mermaid, Fairy

Pros: The number-one best seller in its category, this duoduodesign lace mask is gorgeous, intricate, and very affordable. It's also available in 12 different colors and designs, so whether you're looking for a sleek white masquerade look, a black cat-eye shape, or a rainbow mermaid accent, this one will tie your whole costume together. Reviewers really love that it's flexible, lightweight, and comfortable enough to wear all night.


This Unicorn Mask That People Are Obsessing Over

Costume Suggestions: Creepy Unicorn, Charlie the Unicorn, Dead Unicorn from Harry Potter (paired with Professor Quirrell)

Pros: From cakes to rainbow hair, unicorns are huge right now — but this CreepyParty unicorn mask offers all the magic without any of the effort. It doesn't require any makeup or horn adhesive, because all the must-have features are right there in the form of natural, non-toxic latex. The icy-blue eyes, white mane, and vein detailing give it a creepy feel for Halloween, but reviewers are so obsessed with it, they've started wearing it other times, too... like "around the family dog" and while "[driving] around with [their] mum."


For A Quick And Easy Couple's Costume

Costume Suggestions: The Nightmare Before Christmas' Jack and Sally (or just Jack)

Pros: Most character masks are pretty expensive, but this Jack Skellington mask is currently on sale for $19 and even offers free shipping to everyone (not just Prime members). It's made from vinyl and is surprisingly structured while you're wearing it, so it won't collapse in on itself like other more-roomy masks. Pair this one with a striped suit, and you're set. If you're looking for an easy couple's costume, all Sally needs is a patchwork dress, a red wig, and some stitch makeup.


If You’re Looking To Go Creepy This Halloween, You've Got Options

Costume Suggestions: Goblin, Zombie, Post-Apocalyptic Survivor, Demon, Undead Child, Scary Pirate, Creepy Chef, Titan from Attack on Titan

Pros: If you like to go hard with the creep-factor on Halloween, Hophen has eight scary masks to choose from. Designs like ghost baby, demon, goblin, and bloody chef are all made from 100 percent non-toxic materials, and one size fits most. Each has eye, nose, and ear holes, too, so you don't feel too cut-off from what's going on around you. The best news? Reviewers say they look even better in person and they're all $20 or less. Plus, since none of them are necessarily character-specific, you can wear any clothing you want (or already have) to finish off your costume.


As Low-Hassle And Festive As It Gets

Costume Suggestions: Creepy Scarecrow, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Pumpkin Dance Guy

Pros: Nothing says Halloween festivities quite like a pumpkin mask. This one is perhaps the most low-effort of all the costumes because you can pair it with anything. If you're looking to get creative, wear an all-black bodysuit or some scarecrow garb. It's made from latex, and the holes are bigger and more plentiful than other masks, so it's easier to see and breathe.


This Comfortable Anonymous Mask (And A Sticker) For Just $12

Costume Suggestions: Guy Fawkes, V for Vendetta, Anonymous

Pros: Made famous by the graphic novel and movie V for Vendetta, the anonymous mask continues to be a symbol for hackers, online protests, and the need for political transparency. It's made with nostril holes, an elastic band, and interior padding for a comfortable fit. This one can also be worn with your everyday clothes (or a cape and hat if you're going as V), and comes with a free vinyl sticker. Some reviewers even wear it for political rallies.


This Simple But Creepy Costume Idea — Just Add A Cape

Costume Suggestions: Plague Doctor

Pros: For some reason, there are few things as spine-chillingly creepy as a plague doctor. Complete with a beak-like shape and round eye-holes, this mask is made from PU leather and has a thick elastic band that keeps it in place. It's also available in brown or white, and all of the color options are $16 or less. Simply throw on a cape — maybe a top hat — and you're done.


This Scary But Affordable Mask That Actually Lights Up

Costume Suggestions: The Purge, Random Creepy Light-Up Person

Pros: It's currently the number one best seller in kids' costume masks, but reviewers love this heytech light-up option for any age. It has a spooky LED light strip that threads through the eyes and mouth, and since it runs on two AA batteries, it's extremely portable. You can get it in four color options, and you can even set the LED lights to different patterns — off, on, slow flicker, or fast flicker. Reviewers say they have "no problem breathing," and it's "surprisingly comfortable" to wear all night.


If You Can’t Find What You’re Looking For, Try Making Your Own

Costume Suggestions: Monarch Butterfly, Fairy, Superhero, Masquerade, Cat

Pros: If you're having trouble finding the right look for a reasonable price, these Coxeer DIY masks can help. They're made from an environmentally-friendly yet durable pressed paper that works well alongside paint, markers, gel pens, glitter, and glue. They even come with a built-in elastic strap, so for $11, you get six different opportunities to make a costume all your own. Reviewers love them because they're sturdy, matte, and contoured to fit comfortably.

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