9 Crystals For Sagittarius Season 2018 To Help You Feel Balanced During The Holidays

Autumn has almost come to an official end, which means something important in terms of your horoscope: Scorpio season is officially over, and Sagittarius season has begun. This is a pretty intense shift in energy: Scorpio is a water sign, and the season was all about mystery and emotion, while Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means it is creative, expressive, flexible, and resourceful. No matter what you feel during this time, you'll need to focus your energy the right way, and crystals can help. There are a few crystals for Sagittarius season that will help you make this time the best it can be.

This season will usher in winter as autumn comes to an end, which means that you'll be inspired to move forward and start thinking about your goals for the future. Sagittarius' love to travel, go on adventures, explore, learn, and experience as much as possible, which means that this could be a very busy month for everyone. This is a good time to leave your comfort zone, do the new thing you've been thinking about, and take a leap into something unexpected. Sag season will leave you feeling more open-minded and positive than usual, and you should use that energy to your advantage.

That said, all of that powerful Sagittarius energy can also be a bit overwhelming. You might get so focused on accomplishing a goal or doing something specific that you forget about all of the little things in your life that need to be tended to. There are a lot of crystals out there that are grounding, and that will help keep you focused on the right thing when you need that. After all, as great as it is to move forward, do something different, and feel and act more confident, you still need to pay attention to the details. Below are a few crystals that will help you harness all of this energy and use it for good: