9 DIY Makeup Storage Solutions For Under $25

by Summer Arlexis

If there's one struggle a makeup lover is familiar with, it's having hoards of product and not enough drawers or counter space. When you're hoping to contain the madness, DIY makeup storage is your go-to for budget friendly solutions.

Scanning Instagram and Pinterest for makeup storage ideas is a blessing and a curse. The endless feeds filled with stunning vanity displays are enough to make any beauty addict drool. But reality hits hard when the realization sets in that holy grail rotating lipstick towers and stackable acrylic containers can quickly add up in dollars.

For the penny pinching makeup obsessed, there's a DIY tutorial out there for arranging everything in your collection, from bulky palettes to adorable liquid lippies. And you don't have to be the Martha Stewart of makeup storage to construct topnotch holders and dividers. You'll be surprised by the amazing containers you can whip up with affordable finds and repurposed household materials you probably already own.

You're only a Dollar Tree trip away from your most mesmerizing beauty setup yet. Scan any of these nine projects for organizing your vanity for the best Pinterest worthy, low-cost ideas.

1. Rotating Lipstick Tower

A beauty fanatic with one too many lippies definitely needs a lipstick tower in her life. Using picture frames, craft paper, and cotton ball containers from the dollar store, Beauty Is Ageless shows subscribers how to craft the most adorable lipstick tower you've ever seen. Adding a touch of bling and a Lazy Susan for rotation, this lipstick sensation puts other organizers to shame at under $15.

2. Z-Palette

Standard Z-palettes can easily cost $20 or more. But DIYing your own for much less is possible with a spare journal and magnetic sheets. YouTuber Azra Thoughid R. throws one together in just a few steps for a custom palette full of single shadows.

3. Multipurpose Vanity Storage

If you couldn't possibly believe that beauty blogger My Full Figured Life constructed a vanity storage solution from $1 materials, she takes viewers along with her on a Dollar Tree run before getting down to business. A mix of serving trays, glass jars, and faux flowers made for the most glam vanity display.

4. Brush Caddy

All it took to make Wicked Beauty 209's amazing brush caddy was a one dollar foam board. Watch as she constructs a multi-compartment masterpiece, decorated with zebra craft tape and pink paint for the ultimate diva touch.

5. Palette Organizer

If parting ways with your beautiful product packing has always been a struggle, YouTuber Lydia Duran has the perfect solution. Piecing together multiple boxes from previous purchases, she assembles an eyeshadow palette holder. It's effective and doesn't even cost a single penny to make if you have spare makeup packaging, glue, and hair clips lying around.

6. Lipstick Holder

Yet another trip to the Dollar Tree results in a tidy and useful product holder. Using stacks of pill boxes, DIYer Heather Nichole created an affordable 21-count lipstick organizer. Spray paint your creation a solid color and you've got yourself countertop storage worth showing off.

7. Makeup Drawer Organizer

AseaMae's tutorial is perfect for beauty mavens looking to store products neatly within drawers. Putting foam board and low-cost fabric to good use, this DIY allows for any storage arrangement that suits your fancy.

8. Asymmetric Brush Holder

You'll never throw another paper toilet roll away again after taking a look at ApostropheKay's brush holder idea. All you'll need is ribbon, a glue gun, and paint to tie the project together. It doesn't get any cheaper than this!

9. Makeup Display

For multipurpose makeup storage, Akameru89's DIY display throws together spare cardboard and scrapbooking paper for a killer setup. Customize this beauty how you see fit to store all of the lippies, shadows, and compacts your heart desires.

For the ultimate makeup storage or vanity display, feel free to combine elements from every tutorial. Little will your admirers know, your amazing setup didn't even break the bank.

Images: sjajolika/Pixabay