7 Tips For An Organized, Less Hectic Vanity

by Melodi Erdogan

It’s common knowledge that the hours before 12 p.m. are rough, so the last thing you want to be thinking about first thing is how to organize your vanity . After a long period of darkness, the sun rises and wakes the world from its slumber, not only disturbing the peace of sleeping individuals but also signifying the start of that new day. While it’d be great if we could control when the sun sets and rises, we don’t exactly have that luxury to, and thus we’re expected to wake up at an ungodly hour to become presentable before beginning to tackle the day’s responsibilities.

I know that when it’s the crack of dawn, after I’ve brushed my teeth and combed all the knots out of my hair, it’s time to make myself somewhat presentable. And the easiest way to achieve that is with the help of wonderful, spectacular, miraculous makeup. In a matter of minutes, I can turn myself from a sleepy eyed zombie into a somewhat convincing human being with the assistance of my great friends Mascara, Concealer, and Lip Gloss. That being said, the few minutes I do set aside to apply my makeup in the morning leave my vanity looking like a war zone. Powder is spilled everywhere, lipstick caps are on the wrong lipsticks, and dirty brushes and used tissues litter my table top. But to avoid a future makeup disaster, or even a furniture disaster, I switched a few things around and organized my makeup a little differently to not only achieve a somewhat pretty vanity, but also a layout that makes application every morning swift and easy.

From employing seemingly useless containers and cans laying around in everyone’s homes, to simply setting your makeup up in a specific order, there are plenty of ways to adjust your vanity-situation to make your mornings easier and a little less hectic. Because after stuffing your face with a bagel and somehow getting dressed in a put-together outfit, your makeup should be an easy breezy step and a clean, organized vanity is the best way to achieve that.

So, here are seven tips to a more organized, easier-to-get-around vanity that are guaranteed to make your mornings a little less stressful.

1. Two Brush Holders

Depending on what color your brushes are, it may be hard to decide which brushes are clean and which are dirty. White bristles may give it away easier than dark bristled brushes, but separating them in different containers would be your best bet. Instead of storing your clean and dirty brushes together, place two upright containers on your vanity so you can tell the difference between them. Plus, that way you’ll be able to avoid a mixed powder disaster. If you want to take it one step further, organize your brushes according to type. Powder brushes, blending brushes, and stippling brushes can all have their own holder.

2. Organize By Most Used Items

While you may adore that bright blue eyeshadow, it’s probably not something you’re reaching for every day. Store items like that where they're not as prominent as your favorite everyday products. Unless you’re switching up your beauty look more frequently than Justin Bieber, you’re probably going to be reaching for quite a few of the same items on a daily basis.

3. Organize By Steps

If you’re an avid YouTube beauty tutorial watcher like I am, you know how everyone’s order of application varies. Some people like to do their eye makeup first, others like to apply foundation. In order to reduce the makeup mess that happens every morning, place your makeup items in the order that you use them. For me, that would be foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, powder, and finally, lipstick. Depending on whether your dominant hand is left or right, organize your products in the order that you find it easiest to go through.

4. Overall Set Up

Similar to organizing your products by step is analyzing your overall vanity setup. If you’re like me and have a makeshift vanity, placing your mirror on the side of your non-dominant hand will ensure that you can easily reach for your products and still have a good look in the mirror. If you have a beautiful set up, this trick might help with a standing magnifying mirror as well.

5. Clear, Lucite Organizers

When it comes to makeup, if you don’t see it in front of you it’s probably not getting used. In order to take advantage of your whole collection, store your most used and most loved products in lucite containers. Containers with drawers or even just upright containers will allow you maximum visibility of all your products, even those small sampler items you occasionally get for free at department stores and Sephora.

6. Small Boxes

And for those makeup items that you don’t necessarily wear on a daily basis, store them in small boxes. The boxes I used to organize my gold eyeliner and deep purple lipstick — not necessarily your everyday look — are old thank you card containers. Thankfully, they also slide into the desk portion of my vanity so they’re hidden yet still organized.

7. Keep Toiletries Separate

If you’re a big cosmetics person, it’s probably best to keep your toiletries separate from your makeup. Typically, people store their makeup in a dry area away from any wetness or steam that is guaranteed in a bathroom. Keeping your makeup away from moisture will make it last longer and keeps it in better shape, similarly to keeping it away from your toiletries. It might take time to separate them all (I know I struggled with this), but it was worth the hassle in the end.

So, now your vanity will be clean, organized, and a little less of a hassle when you’re getting ready in the mornings.

Just, please, try to keep it that way.

Images: Author's Own; Giphy