Celebrate Girl Power With These Makeup Bags

Times are rough. Since Jan. 20, watching the news has felt like an endless game of how much anxiety I can experience before I start huffing lavendar essential oil and finding the nearest Lush bath bomb. One piece of solace? Makeup. These 9 feminist makeup bags celebrate girl power — which clearly seems to be under attack — and keeps my arsenal of makeup products safe. While a makeup bag doesn't seem like a way to resist, my makeup routine is my self care, and my makeup bag reminds me to take care of myself and still fight the good fight.

A great makeup bag is also kind of a necessity. Whether you travel regularly, just like a touch up through out the day, or like to convert your look from day to night after leaving the office, keeping your liner, mascara, and lipstick one hand is never a bad idea.

Whether you want something to encourage you throughout the day or you really want to make a statement, these 9 feminist makeup bags will help you remember that nasty women get stuff done and that self care is integral to getting through the next few years. Which makeup bag is perfect for you?

1. Nasty Woman

Nasty Woman Makeup Bag, $14, Etsy

Because being nasty has never been more important.

2. Feminist As...

Feminist as F&%K Pouch, $12, Etsy

Just being honest.

3. Woman Up

Feminist Makeup Bag, $14, Etsy

There's never been a better time.

4. Smash The Patriachy

Feminist Bag Smash The Patriarchy, $15, FeministWrath/Etsy

It should be on everyone's priority list.

5. Persist

Nevertheless, She Persisted Makeup Bag, $14, Etsy

Be like Elizabeth Warren.

6. Feminist

Holographic Glitter Feminist On Black Zippy Pouch, $15, FierceSisters/Etsy

Say it loud and proud.

7. Raging Feminist

Raging Feminist Bitch Accessory Bag, $20, Look Human

Embrace your inner feminist killjoy.

8. Be Proud

There Is Nothing Wrong With Being A Girl Pouch, $17, pamelabarskyshop/Etsy

Be proud.

9. Conversation Hearts

Feminist Conversation Hearts Accessory Bag, $15, Look Human

Say it with a heart.

Clearly, there's no lack of feminist makeup bags out there. These 9 makeup bags are only the beginning. Grab your makeup, a killer bag, and take care of yourself.