9 Feminist Pins & Patches For The Women's Strike

by Melanie Richtman

The women's strike is quickly approaching, which means that women everywhere have another opportunity to stand together and fight for equality for all. The women's strike will take place on March 8, which gives you ample time to get some feminist pins and patches to wear while striking, especially because they'll look extra cool on your denim jacket.

It seems like with each passing day, more and more rights are being taken away from people in the United States, most recently being protection of transgender students in school and the decision to remove the legislation that limits private prison use by the federal government. We live in a great time, guys (that was facetious, in case you were wondering).

But these things only give us more reasons to stand up to inequality and fight for justice, and we will do just that when we participate in (or even just support) the women's march.

One way to very easily support the cause it to rock some feminist merch on March 8 (and every day), and there are some really amazing items out there, from hats to sweatshirts and patches to pins. The best thing about pins is that you can wear them with any outfit, showing your support on a daily basis.

Here are nine feminist pins and patches that you can wear to support the women's strike.

1. This Obvious Pin


Feminist Pin, $10, Wildfang

Simple, yet effective.

2. This Forward Patch


Feminist Patch, $5, Wildfang

It's basically like a name tag.

3. This Feminist With A To Do List Pin


To Do List Pin, $12, Wildfang

Can't stop, won't stop, and there are a lot of things on our to do list.

4. These Awesome Pins From Etsy


Women Empowerment Buttons, all 10 for $14, etsy

You can buy one or all of these pins from this Etsy shop.

5. This Feminist Killjoy Pin


Feminist Killjoy Patch, $8, etsy

If people are going to be calling us feminist killjoys anyway, we might as well lean into it with this cute patch.

6. This Glittery Girl Power Pin


Holographic Glitter Girl Power Pin, $4, etsy

So '90s and cute.

7. This Powerful Pin


Women's Rights Are Human Rights Enamel Pin, $10, Etsy

In case people forget this important fact.

8. This Nevertheless She Persisted Pin


Nevertheless She Persisted Pin, $12, Etsy

The new rallying cry for women everywhere.

9. This Feminist Fist Patch

Urban Outfitters

Felt Good Co. Feminist Fist Patch, $12, Urbanoutfitters

You don't need words to get the feminist point across.