9 Breakup Movies That'll Help Get You Through Even The Deepest Of Heartbreaks

Legally Blonde / Netflix

Break ups are a sad and crappy part of life. However, as an occasionally inevitable part of the falling in and out of love process, they are something you just have to accept. Grim as they are, we all know the only thing that can really heal an achey breaky heart is time. But while you are waiting for time to hurry the heck up, there are lots of self care options to help you through the worst of it. Like how about your true love, Netflix? There are great films to watch on Netflix UK after a break up. So all you got to do is get yourself a screen. You don't even have to get out of bed if you don't feel ready yet. But if you can get yourself to the sofa to get out of the worst bits of the misery, I highly recommend it.

Do you ever notice when you are in a sad place love-life wise, that every flipping song and every damn movie or TV show seems to be about love? Well, why not use it to your advantage and get to getting over that ex because babe, you are worth it and you deserve to feel happy (or even just a bit less sad) in no time.


'Legally Blonde'

Legally Blonde is one of the best break up films ever for many reasons. The first and IMO foremost reason is that it kicks off with a break up. One that absolutely floors the main star. And in her striving to get back in love with her ex, she actually falls in love with an amazing career, herself, and a way hotter, much cooler guy. This is how to do it.

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'Eat, Pray, Love'

Julia Roberts in anything is bound to be emotive because duh, Julia Roberts.

Anyhow, this movie is all about coping with an unexpected crossroads in her life after a divorce. So how does she deal with it? By going on a load of sick holidays and eating loads and becoming all spiritual. Yes babe! Maybe not the most affordable option for most, but an absolute must watch so you can pretend that's your life.

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'The Break Up'

The movie that does exactly what it says on the tin.

The story of one couple coping with the ups and downs of a break up and laughing the whole way through. There are a few weepy moments but all very manageable.

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'Blue Is The Warmest Colour'

Tear alert!

This movie will make you cry, which might be what you are after. Despite an utterly ridiculous sex scene, the story of falling in and then out of love is so effing heartfelt I just can't.

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'Bridget Jones Diary'

Ever feel like you are the Bridget Jones of your group of friends/family? Well darling, you probably are — and, at this point, feeling just as unlucky in love as she does. Add to that all of the singing plus wine — she could be any of us. Well apart from the super lit flat in central London all to herself.

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'The Breaker Upperers'

This film from New Zealand is all about a pair of pals who's job is to break up with people on behalf of others. Not only is this funny but also you will be happy this didn't happen to you.

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'How To Get Over A Heartbreak'

Not the Mae West if you're crying too hard and struggling to read, as this is a Peruvian film so subtitles FTW.

However, this movie is so funny and shows all the stages of the carnage that is a break up. Laugh, cry, but mainly laugh.

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'Someone Great'

One of those movies about a group of friends going through different things but supporting each other through it.

One is going through a break up, another is struggling with residual commitment issues, and the other needs to break up with her boyfriend who she has lost chemistry with.

LOLs, tears, and above all, your mates helping you get through tough times.

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'The Spy Who Dumped Me'

A romance revenge flick, tinged with spy drama, thrills, and a whole load of LOLs? Yep, this one has it all and is fast paced enough to totally take you out of your head and towards feeling better.

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No matter what movies you choose to help you treat your broken heart, remember to put as much care and love as you possibly can into yourself. Time is a healer and you deserve happiness. Get it girl.