These Are The Best Films On Netflix For When Period Cramps Take Over

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Aunt Flo. Your monthlies. Your rags. Your moon-time. Whatever you call your period, it is a huge part of many people's lives. Not all people who have periods are women, not all women have periods, and in fact, not all women have vaginas. However for those who menstruate, your period can be an all encompassing and bloody (literally) difficult time. Pain and your insides being drained would put anyone in a bad mood so your moon-time (my preferred title because LOL) is a perfect time for self care. Luckily there are lots of great films on Netflix UK to watch when you are on your period. You deserve it babe!

Self care means different things for different people. But let's be honest, when you are in the grip of cramps it is usually painkillers, hot water bottle, snacks, and lying down. You know what goes super well with all of those things? Yep, you guessed it: a movie to help you through it all.

What makes a perfect movie when you are menstruating? Well guys, I would say one that covers a lot of ups and downs, but with an eventually positive and uplifting ending. Not a film that leaves you incredibly depressed. Because lord knows, you don't need any extra misery RN. We want tears, laughter, but above all joy and FEMME POWER.

Sending hugs.


'Dumplin' — 2018

OMG guys, this film is charming. A story about a young woman who doesn't fit her mum's beauty queen mould. A girl who finds self love and personal acceptance. Also guys, drag queens.

Watch it here


'Wine Country' — 2019

Wine Country unites some of the most talented women in comedy. It also tells a story of a group of friends who have grown up together and the different stages of their lives. You will be laughing then crying then laughing again. Also, all that wine.

Watch it here


'Pitch Perfect' — 2012

OK, so you might need to laugh loads and see team work and feel BFF vibes. If so, I got you. Also overcoming struggles, but also super mild. And songs. Songs are also cute.

Watch it here


'Matilda' — 1996

The movie version of Roald Dahl's classic is one of the few films from our childhoods that has actually aged super well. A heartwarming story of one clever little girl who also kind of has magic powers. Also watching this as an adult you will totally be team Trunchbull.

Watch it here


'RBG' — 2018

First documentary on the list but if anything is going to inspire you about your true femme power and ability to get through this — it's Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As the second ever female judge on the American Supreme Court, and upholder of common sense, the woman is an icon. Although I can't be made accountable for how lazy shots of her working out will make you feel.

Watch it here


'Life In The Dog House' — 2018

A documentary about a really sweet gay male couple who have a dog shelter and take any dog they can. They save dogs from being put to sleep and help them find their furrever homes.

Honestly so emotional but so amazing.

Watch it here


'The Grand Budapest Hotel' — 2014

Wes Anderson films are like a big warm hug, and this one is perhaps the warmest. All wrapped up in a perfectly pink hotel.

Watch it here


'Family Weekend' — 2013

Family Weekend is a charming AF Indie film with a whole load of heart. Lots of funny one liners and truly eccentric characters, this one is light and lovely. And yes, that is Kelsi from High School Musical.

Watch here


'Period. End Of Sentence'

At under 30 minutes long, this documentary is super short and bite size. Yet in that 30 minutes they manage to pack a whole lot of story. A story about women in India fighting back against stigma around menstruating and helping find ways to make sanitary products more accessible for all. You will 100 percent cry.

Watch it here