9 Xmas Gifts That The No. 1 Hun In Your Life Will Live, Laugh, Love

Ricky Vigil M/GC Images/Getty Images

Even for those who live, laugh, and love going shopping — figuring out what to get people is often a bit of a bind. Luckily though, it has never been easier to get gifts for the ultimate hun in your life. Because Prosecco o'clock should and can be 24/7, am I right huns?

So what makes a hun? Apart from all that glam, there are many signifiers but one sign in particular can help you identify the hun in your life. They tend to sign off all correspondence with multiple Xs and sometimes even Os. No matter who the individual is. Boss, colleague, family, local MP. In this way, there's a stunning egalitarian nature to huns and their movement. XOXO.

If Gemma Collins is the queen of the huns, then live, laugh, love is the motto emblazoned on their coat of arms. And that coat of arms is probably made from crushed grey velvet with a pink leather trim.

Now that we're in the slow descent towards the Yuletide season, what makes a gift worthy of your favourite hun? Well TBH that's debatable but I'm of the opinion that anything with a bit of glitz and glam and/or a quirky or sentimental phrase on it fits the bill. Now here are some little bits to make you No. 1 hun feel special as can be. XOXO.


With all these options you'll have your shopping sorted and a glass of chilled Prosecco in your hand in no time.