9 Gross Things People Have Used To Blend Their Makeup Instead Of A Beautyblender

The beautyblender sponge is the holy grail of makeup tools for many a cosmetic junkie. With sponges for foundation, blushes, and your under eye area, the makeup sponge can basically be used for everything. However, these nine gross things people have used instead of a beautyblender prove that no matter how great a product may be, people will always love a great experiment. From food items to prophylactics, there's no lack of super strange things people have used to blend their makeup. Whether the item is a joke, a request from a YouTube subscriber, or just out of pure curiosity, people can definitely get creative when it comes to their blending habits.

Instagram and YouTube beauty gurus have long had a reputation for using off-the-wall methods for getting the perfect makeup look. Whether it's scotch tape for contouring or a spoon for eyeliner, there are hacks for basically everything. Now, however, the hacks have become comical in many situations, and seeing beauty vloggers embrace some of the criticism they've received and make it into a joke is fantastic. While many accuse bloggers and vloggers of doing things just for attention and not to inform, they've taken those criticisms and given their viewers and cosmetics fans a fun outlook on makeup.

While these nine gross things people have used instead of a beautyblender are definitely not suggested by any beauty expert or makeup artist, the joke is what matters, and these vloggers trying these products is hilarious.

1. Condom

Guys, this is unsanitary. Don't do it.

2. Hard Boiled Egg

The smell alone would be enough to stop me.

3. Sock

Even if you did wash it, why? Just, why?

4. Tampon

I'm all for destigmatizing periods and period products, but this is not the way to do it.

5. Bra Insert

This is definitely not meant to be a multi-use product.

6. Donut

A joke is great, but this donut contour is next level.

7. Toilet Brush

Even if this brush is brand new, just the thought is kind of gross.

8. Balloon

While a balloon isn't exactly gross, the idea of putting something that unnatural on your face truly freaks me out.

9. Marshmallow

Fact: I despise Peeps in general. They aren't getting anywhere near my face.

Clearly, beauty vloggers have gotten creative when it comes to applying makeup with weird items, but hey, anything for a laugh right? Each challenge is clearly just that: a challenge. While these gross methods may be entertaining, I highly suggest not trying them at home.