Extreme Contouring Is The Newest Halloween Makeup Trend & The Looks Will Amaze You

If you're starting to feel the pressure to plan out your Halloween costume but your wallet just isn't cooperating, here's some looks you need to see. There are plenty of Halloween costumes you can create with just contouring, which means you won't have to blow all of your paycheck on All Hallow's Eve. All you need to do is dive into your makeup bag and pull out your contouring palettes, highlighters, black shadows, and eyeliner, and you'll be able to pull off the majority of these clever looks. Your bank account can stay in tact, and you won't have to eat beans for the majority of November.

With the bevvy of beauty vloggers one can find on YouTube, there's no shortage of makeup videos during this spooky holiday season. And while many of them are almost SFX-grade with their elaborate wax-applying skills and penchant for gore, there are just as many tutorials that use nothing but the makeup you probably already have lying around the house.

You can transform yourself into a skeleton with the help of contouring, a werewolf with some assistance from black shadow, or a deer with the aid of heavy liner. There is really no end to the possibilities. Below are nine Halloween looks made possible with contouring. Get creepy and creative!


Zombie Tutorial

Turn yourself into the undead with this easy Halloween tutorial. You'll look like you're ready to chomp on some brains with the help of black and white contouring to bruise around the eyes, hollow out the cheeks, and drain the life out of your face. The skin tears and drips of blood are optional, but encouraged.


Skull Tutorial

If you would rather not buy an expensive costume this year, turn yourself into a spooky skeleton with the help of your black eyeshadow and eyeliner. Follow this video to see just how to carve out your cheekbones and darken your eyes, making you look like you should belong in the front of an anatomy class.


Revealed Demon Tutorial

This tutorial is wild. At first it looks like vlogger NikkieTutorials played with some complicated wax to get the pulled-up skin look, but it turns out its just clever shading and contouring. Figure out just how to bunch up your skin and reveal the demon underneath. You'll scare the life out of everyone at your costume party, and that's all thanks to your makeup brushes.


Vampire Tutorial

If you're not about to abandon your glam persona just because it's Oct. 31, then this vampire tutorial is for you. You'll get to rock a smoky eye that comes in a blood red, vampy lips, and a sharp contour. While the splattered blood in the corner of the mouth definitely looks like you finished a feeding, the hollowed-in, contoured cheeks help cinch the whole vampire look.


Floating Skull Tutorial

While this might look crazy complicated at first glance, it's actually pretty easy to achieve. With some strategic shading, you can transform yourself into a floating skull, creating an X-ray peek into the inner workings of your neck. Then with some strategic shading around the cheeks and eyebrows, you bring together the skeleton look. No expensive costume necessary!


Lion Tutorial

Bring out your inner lioness with this fun Halloween look. With the help of flawless strobing, cat-like shading, and careful highlighting, you'll slowly turn your face into something more feline. The transformation is amazing.


Werewolf Makeup Tutorial

Regardless if there's a full moon or not, you can show up to the party looking like you've turned into a Werewolf. While the green contacts and messy hair help solidify the werewolf vibe, the sharp contouring really helps make you look like a wolf ready to stalk its prey.


Deer Tutorial

Channel your inner Bambi (or Snapchat filter) with heavy contouring and outlining. You'll carve out a deer nose and rounded eyes with the help of black makeup, giving you an easy costume that's going to be kind to your wallet.


Ventriloquist Doll Makeup

Strike fear into all trick-or-treaters' hearts with this creepy AF ventriloquist DIY. Transform yourself into a wooden doll with the help of black shadow, heavy contouring, and red lipstick. You'll make everyone super uncomfortable with your dead-like stare, which is exactly what you're after.

From disheveled werewolves to elaborate skeletons, you can totally make a Halloween costume this year with nothing but the help of your makeup bag and some simple skill. Your wallet will thank you.