9 Father’s Day Text Message Ideas That Are Both Sweet & Heartfelt

Set your iCal alert reminders: Father's Day 2018 is on Sunday, Jun. 17. And now that you know the date, you should start planning on how to express your gratitude to dad. If scripting a sentimental card isn't your thing, that's okay. There's always text messaging. And there are a few ideas for text message ideas to send your dad on Father's Day that will make him smile. Because when it comes to getting the message across that you appreciate your dad, it doesn't really matter how it shows up, just that it does.

You're probably the light of your dad's life so it makes sense to light up your dad's phone with a string of text messages. There are many kinds of messages you can send him, but it really depends on your own, unique ~relationship~. You could joke, keep it short and sweet, or send paragraph after paragraph. Don't wait for Hallmark to hire you, script your own greeting cards — except in a text message.

But if you'd rather not write anything at all, you don't even have to use words. Allow GIFs to say how you feel! Or emojis! There are so many ways to ~express~ your gratitude. However you decide to communicate with the person who helped raise you on Father's Day, it's never a bad idea to say — or send — something.

Detail Something Heartfelt

If you're close with the father figure who joined you for tea parties and also taught you how to shoot hoops, send him something from the heart. It doesn't have to be super poetic, but detailing your gratitude with specific memories might just mean the world to him.

Send GIFs

Can't find the words? GIFs could help you express your feelings. And let's get real here, everyone appreciates an on point moving image. This is also great if you're not exactly on texting terms with dad. A GIF is a casual way to say hi and recognize the day — if you want to — without sparking a full fledged conversation.

A #tbt

We all have a selection of throwback pictures stocked in our phone's photo library. The person you're celebrating on Father's Day probably makes an appearance once or twice. Send him a picture of you two from yesteryear. A light drizzle of tears is in the forecast!

Dad Jokes

Who better to share dad jokes with than your own dad? Turn your text message into a minefield of puns. He'll appreciate it.

Send A Selfie

If your dad is the kind of dad who shows everybody pictures of his kids, give him an updated photo. Smile wide and wave from your adulthood!

Say Thanks

Thanks for driving me to school. Thanks for picking me up from that party. Thanks for coaching little league. Thanks for always picking up ~junk food~. Thanks for giving me the tools to be strong and independent. Thanks for your support. Thanks for a lot of things. Parenting is quite the job.

Take A Video

Haven't seen your dad in a while? Send a video message instead of typing something out. He'll love getting a window into your world and you know, actually seeing your face!

Express Your Gratitude With Emojis

Not a poet? That's why we have other ways to ~express~ ourselves. Graced with a keyboard of emojis, you can send your dad "paragraphs" of trophies, stars, footballs, golf balls, fist pumps, and smilies.

Share Your Favorite Song

Thanks to music sharing apps and the ever convenient YouTube, you can sort of kind of make your dad a mix tape. Send him a link to the songs that you two loved to sing together when you were growing up. A soundtrack from your childhood will probably make your dad shed a few tears. In a good way.