9 Holiday Destinations To Visit In 2020 If You're On A Budget

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These holiday destinations offer Brits the best value for money in 2020
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With Blue Monday, AKA the most depressing day of the year, almost upon us, it's natural to start thinking of happier times. More often than not, the best memories happen on holiday. So if you've been longing to book up a trip, here's the best value holiday destinations to consider for 2020.

Research carried out by Post Office Travel Money has found that, thankfully, the costs of food, drink, and other necessities has gone down in a hefty bunch of places. In fact, prices have decreased in more than three quarters of the destinations surveyed in the 14th annual Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer. (Bit of a mouthful, I know.)

A total of 42 places were studied to see how much eight tourist items cost. These items consisted of a dinner for two with a bottle of wine, a variety of alcoholic and soft drinks, suncream, and that handy insect repellent.

Bulgaria's Sunny Beach came in first place with a cost of just £30.68 for all eight items. Marmaris, Turkey came in second, rather shockingly followed by a long haul destination: Tokyo. Japan isn't the only distant country to give British tourists a lot for their money. South Africa, Vietnam, and Indonesia all featured on the list too.

Can't decide where to book? Here's a rundown of the top nine on the list, including what to do both day and night.


Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

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Situated on Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast, Sunny Beach took the number one place on Post Office Travel Money's list. Known for its lively atmosphere, the budget-friendly spot combines long stretches of sand and lots of nightlife with the picturesque nearby ancient town of Nessebar.


Marmaris, Turkey

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At a total price of £44.15, Marmaris is slightly more expensive than the Bulgarian locale. But head to the Turkish coastal town if you're looking for a quieter break, full of historic sightseeing and boating experiences. Saying that, there is a bustling night scene when the sun goes down.


Tokyo, Japan

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Tokyo came in third place, making it the best value long haul trip. A city break like no other, opt for the Japanese capital for a seamless combination of the contemporary and the traditional. Think futuristic shopping and serene garden settings.


Algarve, Portugal

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You don't need me to explain the beauty of the Algarve; just take a look at a picture or two. This scenic Portuguese coastline is ideal for any holiday-goer, whether you're into touring clubs and bars or looking for a deep dive into the local market scene.


Costa del Sol, Spain

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Spain was likely to pop up on the list at some point, but somewhat surprisingly it only made fifth place. With a name meaning The Sunshine Coast, the Costa del Sol is almost always bright and sunny. Head to Marbella for a luxurious experience or Torremolinos if you're a tapas-obsessed foodie.


Cape Town, South Africa

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South Africa makes a surprising entry at number six. The home of the new winter Love Island, Cape Town will provide you with the ultimate photo album. Take scenic snaps on Table Mountain, hit up the V&A Waterfront for some heavenly grub, and, if you're feeling brave, book up a cage diving experience.


Hoi An, Vietnam

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Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Hoi An is for those looking to get a glimpse of traditional Vietnamese life. As well as offering a truly peaceful shopping experience and an insight into the famed silk industry, you can soak in the warm waters of the South China Sea.


Bali, Indonesia

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Coming eighth on the Post Office's list with a total price of £61.43 is Bali. The influencer haven is the place to be for temple-hopping, mountain climbing, and monkey sightseeing. Don't forget to try some scuba diving; the island is located in the hugely diverse Coral Triangle.


Prague, Czech Republic

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You might want to save this one for Christmas 2020. Famed for its bustling festive markets, Prague is the ideal winter wonderland. Historical fans will also enjoy the medieval quarter, full of cobbled streets and impressive architecture.

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